The 'Younger' Season 4 Finale Cliffhanger Is So Infuriating

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Season 4 of Younger had Liza lovers stretched into two camps — #TeamCharles and #TeamJosh. Liza had royally messed things up with Josh when he caught her kissing Charles (but who could resist kissing that man?), and though it took all season, it seemed like she was finally cool with both. That is, until the season finale. Spoilers ahead for the Season 4 finale of Younger. With Josh now married and Charles with Pauline, Liza may end up alone — what did Charles want to say to Liza on Younger? She could have missed her chance.

Yes, Josh is married, and, boy, was it a hasty decision. After spending a month or so with his flaxen-haired Irish bartender love, Clare, Josh decided that the only way for them to continue their love story was to get married, as her work visa was up and she had to go back to the Emerald Isle. Overreaction, party of two. Josh calls Liza at five in the morning (she thought it was Kaitlyn, which, true mom mode right there) to tell her he was in Ireland and needed her to be his best man or something. (Why he couldn’t have waited four hours and let her sleep in, I’m not sure.) As soon as Liza arrives, Clare gives her the guilt trip about lying about how long she and Josh have been together, because six months seems like a reasonable amount of time to the U.S. government to fall in love. One month, however, does not.

Liza, being the martyr that she is, goes along with this plan, even when one of Clare’s drunken, foul-mouthed friends threatens to ruin it all. But then Josh shows up the night before his wedding, drunk as a skunk, and confesses he still loves her. They sleep next to each other, and then he wakes up the next day and gets married, because he “needs to put a ring between” himself and Liza. Note: if your ex needs to get married to get over you, you win the break up. While all of this is happening, Charles gets bait-and-switched into promoting Marriage Vacation with Pauline, which is not something he wants to do. At Josh’s phone-free wedding (they are not celebrities, so why a phone-free wedding?), Charles calls Liza, and Liza misses the call. That could have been destiny on the phone, girl.

Though viewers know that Josh is still in love with Liza and will probably always will be, Charles’ feelings are much more vague. Following his Good Morning America interview, Charles pushes off Pauline’s talk about getting back together, but he also doesn’t send a text to Liza to talk to her.

The way it stands now, that phone call for Liza can go one of two ways:

Charles Confesses His Love

The favored of the two choices (at least for #TeamCharles fans). In some universe, Charles calls Liza to tell her that he can’t live without her and he certainly can’t promote Marriage Vacation with his ex-wife any longer. He sends Pauline packing, stops confusing his kids on whether or not their parents are getting back together, and Charles and Liza make out against bookshelves at Empirical for the rest of their days.

Charles Gets Back Together With Pauline

Emboldened by the promotion he’s doing with Pauline for Marriage Vacation, Charles decided to do what’s (probably) right for his family and take his wife back, even though he loves Liza and not so much his wife. Here, history wins out, and Liza is left alone and lonely.

Your choice of what happens to Liza and Charles depends on if you’re #TeamJosh or #TeamCharles, but since Josh is literally married to someone else, it seems that he’s not a viable option. Now, it’s not like Liza can’t find someone else entirely — Jay is also a wonderful person who cares for her a lot — but with the cards Younger has dealt Liza so far, it’s either Charles or Josh, and right now, it looks like Liza gets neither.