Kehlani Gave Her Baby Girl A Name With The Most Beautiful Meaning

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's happy news for "Gangsta" singer Kehlani, who welcomed her daughter into the world over the weekend. On Monday, March 25, the 23-year-old shared the news that her baby with partner Javie Young-White had arrived via a sweet Instagram post. The new mom hasn't shared a photo of her special arrival just yet, but Kehlani did reveal her daughter's name, and it's one that has a beautiful meaning.

According to her post, Kehlani and Young-White named their little girl Adeya Nomi. It's unclear if the moniker is a family name, or one they chose simply because it fit their bundle of joy so well. Per Names.org, Adeya means "a gift from God has come." Meanwhile, Nomi is of Hebrew and Japanese origin, and means "beautiful, pleasant, delightful," per nameberry.com. When you put them together, Adeya Nomi could mean a beautiful gift from God — and that's a wonderfully sweet sentiment to pack into such a gorgeous name.

In her post, Kehlani also shared details about her unmedicated homebirth experience. She captioned a photo of what appears to be a baby blanket,

"this weekend our angel arrived healthy & perfect in every way in our bathroom at home. unmedicated homebirth was the absolute hardest yet most powerful thing i've ever done. thankful beyond words. in love beyond comparison. refraining from posting to be family and rest, we just wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent well wishes, love, and support in all forms while waiting & working to bring Adeya earthside."

Adeya's father, guitarist Young-White, also shared a post commending his partner and welcoming their daughter to the world. "Adeya is here. Kehlani birthed her, standing up, right into my arms. In that moment, all the indisputable pulls of intuition, random bellows of clarity, & ear-splitting life lessons I’ve received in recent years made more sense than i've ever needed," he wrote.

His post continued,

"We came face to face with beauty. arm in arm with God. I realized I was never alone in those moments, Adeya was simply aligning things for herself haha. She doesn’t take hesitation for an answer.
It’s a blessing to have purpose within such a healthy, willful family. We’ll be spending the next few weeks resting & falling deeper in love with each other. Thank you to all of you sending uplifting & expansive energy our way, not a drop goes waste."

It sounds like their little family is settling in and bonding now that they've added a new member. Since Kehlani and Young-White both mentioned taking time to relax and adjust to life as parents, it could be a while before Adeya makes her world debut. However, with talented parents like hers, this little one will probably conquer the world before her first birthday.

One thing is certain, Kehlani has been waiting to be a mother for a long time, and she seems poised to cherish every moment of her new role. Per E! News, in her October pregnancy announcement, she wrote, "Dearest little girl, I am so proud to be your mommy. I am so proud to have received you. I cannot wait to meet you, I know you will be 50,000 times more special than I can even imagine at this moment."

Now that the moment is here, it seems that being a mom is everything Kehlani hoped it would be and more. And now she, Young-White, and Adeya are ready to start a brand new adventure together.