Barb’s Spanish Message To Peter’s Dad On ‘The Bachelor’ Was All About Madison

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Although Peter Weber is in charge of his own fate as The Bachelor, his mom Barbara will apparently always have the last word. Barb stole the spotlight during the After the Final Rose episode when she vocally disapproved of her son's feelings for Madison and supported his former fiancé Hannah Ann. But it was what Peter's mom said to his dad in Spanish on The Bachelor that really intrigued fans. And in keeping with the rest of her shocking comments, they were not too kind about Madison.

On the Mar. 10 live finale, viewers learned that Peter called off his engagement to Hannah Ann due to his lingering feelings for runner-up Madison, who left the competition before the final rose ceremony. While they're not officially back together, many viewers were happy to learn that there's a chance of reconciliation. Barb was not one of them. When host Chris Harrison asked mom for her opinion, she held nothing back.

"When I went for Hannah Ann, she was the one who embraced me with love," she said. "The next day we met Madison and it started on a rocky road because she made us wait three hours to come in. She didn’t want to meet us," she continued, claiming that Madison didn't even apologize for being late. "When I proceeded to ask her if she was madly in love with my son, she said no that she wouldn’t accept a proposal in four days."

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When Harrison asked Peter's dad and Barb's husband, Peter Sr., about his opinion, things got interesting. As reported by PEOPLE, Barb said the words "“Di algo mal también, ayúdame" to her husband. When translated to English, it means, “Say something bad, too. Help me.” The translation was also confirmed by Reality Steve on his Instagram Story. This only proves that Barb was determined to let Madison have it on live TV.

The comment was not surprising to any viewer who was paying attention to Barb's facial expressions during the show. Throughout the night, Barb was seen rolling her eyes during Madison's segments and applauding while footage played of Hannah Ann dragging her own son to his face. Is Barb an icon or an overprotective mom? Why not both?

Despite the active protests against their relationship, Madison held her own against Peter's mom while remaining respectful toward her, which was a feat in itself. "You know, when you sign up to come on a show like this, you're looking for love too," she said. "It isn't just Peter looking for his wife. I totally understand, as a mother, you are gonna obviously be thinking about Peter. But also this is my journey, too. And this isn't just Peter choosing me, this is me choosing Peter."

Now we'll just have to see if Barb chooses Madison.