Emily & Haley Are 'Bachelor' Stars For A Living

by Kayla Hawkins
Vu Ong/Freeform

Even though they didn't win the season, Bachelor twins Emily and Haley Ferguson managed to snag their own spinoff, The Twins: Happily Ever After? about their relationship with one another as they navigate their newfound fame as two halves of a Bachelor super pair. The trailers seem to suggest that the sisters spend every waking minute together hanging out, but what do Emily and Haley do for work outside Bachelor Nation? Right now, it looks like both twins are on a break from working full time. They've certainly embraced the post-Bachelor self-employment tour that a lot of contestants embark on, especially ones with a particularly large fanbase — and, in their case, a new TV show.

While they were competing for Ben's heart on The Bachelor, both twins were in school, studying to become elementary school teachers. Emily's University of Nevada Las Vegas coursework page is still up online, where she wrote, "I have always known that I would go to college for Elementary Education because I love kids and I know I would love to work with kids and help them learn and grow," adding that while she was a student, she was supplementing her income by working in retail.

However, since their stint on the series, it looks like Emily and Haley decided to take some time off from their planned vocation in order to pursue the typical post-Bachelor career of becoming models, bloggers, and all-around social media and reality TV celebrities. Both twins seem to be using this fame to share their lives with their 300,000 followers each, and writing about their experiences on their blog, BlondSense. Recent posts include Emily sharing about an allergic reaction gone wrong, a classic rock Spotify playlist, and Bachelor-themed outfits. And, on Instagram, they've been modeling/promoting small clothing lines or swimwear lines, selling smoothies and supplements — basically everything you'd expect from a money-generating IG account. And with their incoming series, they've been getting some work with ABC, including conducting interviews on the Beauty and the Beast premiere red carpet.

So far, the overarching theme of The Twins: Happily Ever After seems to be how hard it is to grow up and become an adult. Even having a twin who knows you better than you know yourself is no help. But right now, this duo seems to know how to make the best out of their newfound fame, and they always have their background as aspiring teachers to fall back on.