Here’s A Glimpse Into The ‘Below Deck’ Off-Season

Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

I love Below Deck and its spinoff Below Deck Mediterranean. If they were on five days a week (I have to draw a line somewhere), 52 weeks a year, I would gladly watch every minute. But neither series is on year-round, and neither shoots year-round. There are Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean off-seasons. Well-deserved off-seasons where they take a breather from the demanding series. So, what do the Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean crews do during the series’ off-season? What do they do when they aren’t working on a yacht for a reality show? It's easy to wonder what they do when the Bravo cameras are not following their every move.

Do they immediately slog through another round on a different yacht? Do they stay on land and avoid the sea as much as possible? Do they go on vacation? Do they just post up in front of their television sets and decompress? (If I were a Deckie, I would definitely veg out in front of the TV during the off-season. For days and days. As fun as it is to watch, being on a Below Deck series looks like a never-ending yarn ball of stress. I'd require a very mellow post-season routine.) What are the crews up to when they aren’t filming Below Deck?

Thanks to social media, that question does not have to remain unanswered. Why don’t we take a gander (yes, a gander) at the Below Deck and Below Deck Mediterranean stars' Instagram accounts?

1. Some Celebrate Their Birthdays On Yachts

You can take the yachtie off the Bravo yacht, but you can’t take the yacht birthday out of the yacthie.

2. A Few Get Together In Las Vegas

And when they’re feeling homesick for the open sea? They can head on over to the Golden Nugget shark tank.

3. At Least One Goes Skydiving


4. One Zips Around On A Hoverboard While Cooking

Like ya do.

5. Two Canoe Through The Streets

Also like ya do.

6. Some Go Zip-Lining

Oh, and take up photography.

7. Others Hang Out With Their Pets & Watch The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills

A lady after my own heart.

8. At Least One Rides A Snowmobile

Trade in the Sea-Doos for a Ski-Doo.

9. Some Go To The Movies

Livin’ it up in those recliners.

10. Others See Adele In Concert

Are those snakes on that dress? Golden snakes? Ugh, I love Hannah Ferrier.

11. Many Travel


12. And Travel

Still nice.

13. And Travel

Yep, nice again.

14. And Finally, Some Eat Pizza

What a dream.

If there was ever a reality show about Bobby Giancola just grubbing 'za around the world, I would watch it so hard.