Kim K's Newest Fragrances Smell Like A Summer Fruit Salad — In Cute Bottles, Of Course

In need of a fresh 'n' fruity, summer fragrance refresh? Well, Kim Kardashian West has you covered — literally. The beauty mogul and reality star, who is so much more than those simplified terms might suggest, is dropping three new KKW Beauty Kimoji summer perfumes. They are fun, playful, cutely packaged, and smell more delish than a fruit patch. The KKW Kimoji fragrances arrive on Tuesday, July 17 via the KKW Fragrance site.

Let's break down the latest batch of KKW Kimoji scents, shall we?

What do they smell like? Well, based on the descriptions and the notes that comprise the perfumes, they're basically summer in in a bottle. But even more specifically, it's an orchard of summer fruit in a bottle. Sweet, sumptuous, ripe, and lush fruits, along with fresh florals, are at the heart and the core of this round of perfumes.

Kimoji Cherry includes notes of juicy red cherry, luscious raspberry, sweet strawberry, cherry blossom, gardenia petals, vanilla, woods, and musk. How gloriously yummy. The fruity floral is tempered by some warmth and depth.

Kimoji Vibes boasts notes of watermelon, bergamot, juicy pineapple, apple blossom, peony petals, fresh jasmine, cedarwood, sunkissed amber, and musk. Is your mouth watering? Do your senses feel invigorated just thinking about Kimoji Vibes?

Kimoji Peach is anchored by notes of juicy peach, fresh nectarine, jasmine petals, peach blossom, creamy vanilla, sandalwood, and musk. Ahhh!

Get your Cherry on!

Bring dem good Vibes.

Peachy keen!

The Kimoji fragrances show off another side of both KKW Beauty-slash-Fragrance and its creator.

While the initial trio of crystal scents was luxe and heartfelt, since Kardashian herself revealed they were inspired by crystals she used to help get over the trauma of being robbed in Paris a few years back, the follow up Valentine's Day Kimoji Heart scents were perky and sweet.

The next launch was KKW Body fragrance, which was super sexy, with a bottle that was made from a cast of her own curves.

The brand has stepped back into a joyful, decadent, and not-so-serious olfactory space with the new Kimoji scents. KKW has been pivoting between serious scents and playful perfumes and it's totally working.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

You can get ready to shop as of Tuesday, July 17. Yes, these scents are totally summery because of their fruity notes. But you can very easily wear them deep into the fall. Since scent is so closely tied to memory, you can rock these all summer and through Labor Day and then spritz around Thanskgiving and be instantly transported to a sunny day at the beach. Don't you love how that works?!

It's quite possible that the Eau de Kimojis will also be limited edition and available for a short time only, which was the situation with the Kimoji Hearts collection.

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Whatever the case, the new Kimoji trio will be a welcome addition to your fragrance wardrobe. While KKW Beauty offers contouring kits, palettes, and nude lipsticks, it feels like Kardashian West has truly found her lane with fragrance. She appears to be having the most fun with the category and all of her perfumes so far have been legit hits.

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Fragrances sold online are the hardest to market, since shoppers can't smell them in advance. Therefore, it's a testament to the tremendous trust that the public has in Kardashian's vision and to the power of effective marketing. Fans and customers scoop the scents up — without even being able to test them. You can't spritz and see how it reacts with your personal body chemistry. You sort of have to take the plunge and purchase — and hope you like the smell.

The new Kimojis will be available at the brand's Los Angeles pop-up on Saturday, July 14. The rest of you will have to program a note in your iPhone calendars to remind us shop the drop next week. Give your mid-summer perfume stash a fruity x floral boost!