What Do Women Do To Prepare For Sex? These 13 Things, According To Reddit

Andrew Zaeh for Bustle

How do you get ready for sex? I mean, I normally do nothing. I just start having sex. Unless I'm actively smelly, it's probably just going to happen. And I thought everyone was just the same. But new AskReddit thread goes into exactly what women do in the bathroom before sex — and it's shown me how much one could possibly do before sex. Seriously — some of these women have a full-out routine before very sexual encounter. One things that was heartening to see was so many men chipping in saying they, too, go into the bathroom to freshen up (aka wash their balls) because they want to be clean for their partner. So it's not a totally gendered thing.

Now, before we embark on this list, one thing — WOMEN, YOUR VAGINAS ARE AMAZING. They look great, they smell great, they taste great. And I say this because apparently all of Reddit is washing their damn vaginas before every sexual encounter. Now you obviously don't want to be unhygienic and if you're in need of a wash, you need a wash. But I just have to say, they're all amazing and not something that need to be overly sanitized. So remember that.

OK, so on to the list of what women do to prepare for sex, because mouth wash, the PTA, and butt cleaning are all on the list:

1Shave Their Legs


Yeah, I would definitely have guessed pooping over leg shavings any day.

2Deal With Those Nip Hairs


They literally come out of nowhere.

3The Extra Panties


But isn't being turned on a turn-on? Ain't no shame in that. I don't think you have anything to feel embarrassed about.



I have definitely pulled the toothbrush.

5Washing Times Two


Seriously, so many people wash their vaginas.



Amen to that.

7I Hope This Is A Joke


It must be, right?

8A Pep Talk


That is a full routine.

9Period Fixes


YES. It may not be the sexiest, but I have done this a billion times.

10Dealing With Your Butt


That is more attention than anyone's butthole has ever received.

12Deal With Farting


IT HAPPENS OK!? It happens all the damn time.

13And This Ultimate Winner


The mom, the PTA, everything about this is perfect.

One thing this list has made me realize is that I put one percent of the amount of effort into sex that any of these people do. I salute you all, though, because this sounds like a damn full-time job.