Details About Adam Driver & Joanne Tucker's Relationship Will Make You Swoon

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It may not be marked on the calendar, but Dec. 15, 2017 is basically a new national holiday. You didn't hear? It's Star Wars: The Last Jedi day. Well, at least for die-hard fans. Along with the premiere, fans want to know everything about this cast, even its villain Kylo Ren, played by Adam Driver. Oh, and the actors' spouses too. So what does Adam Driver's wife Joanne Tucker do? Besides being her husband's loyal ride-or-die on the red carpet, Tucker shares his love of the arts and has an awesome career in the business as well.

Like her husband, Joanne Tucker is an actor. According to IMDb, Tucker made her on-screen debut in a series of short films starting in 2010. One role was the lead in the short film Loft, a romantic drama (which was also written and directed by women, high five). The following year, she appeared in an indie film, romantic comedy Gayby (which Driver was also in). Tucker's latest film role was in the 2014 dramedy Listen Up Philip about a struggling novelist. In 2016, Tucker made a cameo on Driver's show Girls, playing Ruthie in a Season 5 episode called "Hello Kitty."

Although she's worked in film and TV, it seems Tucker's greatest passion is for the live stage. As someone who seems to have been in New York for the majority of her life, Driver's wife is very involved with New York theater. According to Women.com, Tucker attended Dalton in Manhattan’s Upper East Side before studying theater at Juilliard, where she met Driver.

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In 2012, Tucker performed in The Yellow Hour at NYC's Rattlestick Playwrights Theater in the West Village. While speaking about the show in an interview with Rattlestick Playwrights Theater, Tucker described why she loves art with purpose that makes viewers feel out of their comfort zone. "That's the kind of art that I like," she said. "I think that's the point of art, to challenge and make people feel uncomfortable."

Tucker and Driver go way back, and they were in each other's lives long before their careers started taking shape. Before Driver scored the role of a lifetime in 2015's The Force Awakens, he rose to fame by playing Lena Dunham's endearing on-screen love interest on Girls in 2012. He and his wife were married in 2013, but were together even before Driver's breakout role. "They've been dating forever, years, and live together... She was with him before the Girls fame," a source claimed Us Weekly when the two were married.

After multiple near-death experiences in the Marines, Driver was determined to pursue acting. "I was like, 'I'm going to smoke cigarettes and be an actor when I get out,'" he recalled to Rolling Stone in January 2014. The San Diego native ended up getting discharged after a mountain bike accident and went on to audition for Juilliard, where he met his future wife.

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The two have been inseparable ever since and have even taken on business ventures together. While at Juilliard, Driver dedicated an initiative to the military and co-founded Arts in the Armed Forces with Tucker in 2008. AITAF brings theater to the armed forces, and Driver serves as the founder and Tucker is the artistic director.

While their shared love of the theater is obvious, Driver has also recalled anecdotes about other life lessons they've taught each other, too. "She taught me what Gouda cheese is and that you shouldn’t talk with your mouth full and spit on the sidewalk," he told Broadway.com in September 2009. He also had advice for his New Yorker wife. "I told her about Rolling Stone and how it could be interesting and entertaining," he said, suggesting she read something other than The New Yorker.

The college sweethearts seem to be as in love as they were when they tied the knot. "[They're] very comfortable and in love," Us Weekly reported back when Driver and Tucker got married. "She was with him before the Girls fame... They both love theater and the arts. She respects him so much." And although they're both in the biz, Driver still has fun with their situation. He's having so much fun, in fact, that Driver hid his Star Wars role from Tucker for three years. "It was great... just because the payoff of her seeing it with everybody was so worth it," he told The Hollywood Reporter in 2015, according to The Daily Mail.

Apparently the couple that plays together really stays together. Pun intended.