Here's How The May New Moon Will Have All Zodiac Signs Feeling More Like A Taurus


On Saturday, May 4, you can expect the sky to look a lot darker during the night. There's a New Moon rising in Taurus, which is the beginning of a brand new lunar cycle — and a lot of other exciting moments. Since a New Moon signifies a new beginning for the moon, it makes sense that it can affect us humans in a similar way as well. The New Moon is generally thought of as a time for new beginnings, where we embark on new projects and leave the old stuff behind. The meanings behind a New Moon can vary slightly depending on the sign it rises in, and this month, it's Taurus. So, what can you expect?

Bustle spoke to astrologer Lisa Stardust, who said, "The Taurus New Moon will softly connect with dreamy Neptune, harvesting and blossoming creative endeavors. This is a fertile luminary for growth. We can start to see the fruits of our labors now and relish in the past efforts of our hard work by starting a new part of our dreams." In other words, this really is the perfect time for change. We're going to feel more inspired and motivated than ever before to do something different and to branch out of our comfort zone.

Neptune is also going to heighten your sensitivity and intuition. You may feel more in tune with others, and you're definitely going to feel your creative side coming on strong. You should take advantage of these positive vibes as much as possible to really start something new that could benefit you.

Because you're feeling more sensitive and in tune with your emotions, this New Moon may also affect your love life. Stardust said, "Romantic pursuits will be heightened by the New Moon, as well as sensitivities. Empathy and a deeper understanding for ourselves and within relationships will help elevate our spirits and self-esteem." If there were a time to listen to your gut and trust yourself, this would be it. Stardust added, "Learning to trust our intuition and our instincts will aid in deepening how we perceive situations and people. This luminary has good vibes and allure that will activate our hearts."

This New Moon also presents us with the perfect opportunity to reflect and really feel all those feels. Astrologer Aliza Kelly told Bustle, "There’s no nocturnal illumination during the New Moon — as the sun and moon meet in the same sign, the velvety sky encourages us to reflect, ruminate, and ideate. This is an excellent lunation to take personal inventory, and move towards your intuitive compass."

Because the New Moon is in Taurus, truthfulness is being highlighted during this time. Kelly added, "In Taurus’ domain, the earth sign associated with tangible truths and prosperity, we’re encouraged to explore new opportunities to generate abundance. As always, this value system needs to start from within, so use this lunation to redefine your self-worth."

So, how should you spend the days surrounding the New Moon? You're going to feel more inspired than ever to reflect and think, which will be easier than usual because you'll be feeling more intuitive. Embrace this new sensitive side you're discovering, and look to your creative side to move forward on the plans you've had for a while. This could be an exciting time for you!