This Month’s New Moon Will Push All Zodiac Signs Towards Their Goals

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The first major luminary event of the new year is taking place just a few days after New Year's Eve, on Jan. 5, and that's the January 2019 new moon. A new moon for the start of the new year is totally perfect, given that new moons are all about fresh starts and beginning a new cycle. This moon will crest in the goal-oriented sign of Capricorn, which is also super fitting, considering we're all still riding the high of setting our ~new year, new me~ goals. Many of us are working to capitalize on the collective energy of the first days of January, when everyone is feeling motivated to be the best version of themselves and make positive changes in their lives. And in learning about what it means when a new moon is in Capricorn, you'll find out that we're all also being astrologically supported in setting goals for ourselves, and also sticking to them, too.

Firstly, let's talk about Capricorn, the wise ol' cardinal earth sign of the zodiac. Represented fittingly by the goat, Capricorn energy is diligent, hardworking, and relentless when it comes to meeting goals — much like a mountain goat who is steadily trucking his way up the twisty, seemingly impossible to manage paths that wind up the side of a steep mountainside. "The measured master planner of the horoscope family, Capricorn energy teaches us the power of structure, delayed gratification and setting goals for the long haul," explained AstroStyle of the sign. Ruled by the planet Saturn (who is pretty much known for serving up tough love on silver platter, like a stern but loving father), Capricorn can definitely fall victim to being overly critical toward themselves and others, or becoming a full blown workaholic. But thankfully, a Capricorn's hardwired slow-but-steady mentality usually saves them before they hit a wall or suffer from full-blown burnout. They're basically goal-reaching machines, and always seem to be the man (or woman) with the plan.

Now, let's take a look at how the sign of Cap's energy synthesizes with the energy of a new moon. New moons mark the very beginning of a brand new lunar cycle, so astrologically speaking, this is a fabulous time to "plant new seeds" or set your intentions for the coming moon cycle. And if you're thinking on a longer timeline, this is also a time you'll want to consider goals for the upcoming six month period. This is because after a new moon in any given sign, we'll see a corresponding full moon in that same sign six months later — and that's when it'll be time to harvest the more long-term seeds you planted during the new moon and start reaping the benefits of your work.

January always boasts a new moon in Capricorn, and it's easy to see why that makes so much sense astrologically. "Our calendar New Year begins with the Sun in Capricorn so the Capricorn New Moon is like the beginning of a brand new personal year ... when we set our intentions for what we want in the year ahead," wrote on its site. "These goals become like a mountain, and that mountain becomes the object we set out to climb. Luckily, Capricorn has a determination that equips us with the patience, discipline, and persistence to reach the top." The fact that we begin our new year in the grounded, cardinal sign of Capricorn almost proves the universe makes sense (almost). There's not a more goal-oriented sign out there, so it's the ideal energy every zodiac sign needs to kick off a new beginning.

And a new moon in Capricorn asks us to think big, not small. "This new moon is for setting goals, initiating projects, and making a serious commitment to achieving your financial and career success," wrote healer Carla Mary on her site. "[It] brings an increase [in] awareness for the need for discipline and structure." The last thing we should be doing at this juncture is selling ourselves short. It's not the time to be modest or lazy about getting what we want. The Capricorn new moon asks us to dream big. What is your ideal scenario career-wise? What are your biggest, brightest business goals? What does financial freedom and comfort look like to you, and how can you attain it? These are the large-scale questions we should ask ourselves during Cap new moons. Face your goals head-on and get comfortable with the idea of attaining them. But of course, meeting such zealous goals will take hard work, and that's the other half of this lunar pie.

A Capricorn's goals are lofty, 'tis true, but this practical earth sign is no dreamer. Caps are realists. So while a Capricorn's goals may seem out-of-this-world ambitious, you can count on them to come through with a well-thought-out and meticulously detailed step-by-step plan that makes even the most treacherously tall mountains suddenly seem kind of conquerable — if you're disciplined enough to stick to the plan, of course. That all said, we should all be keeping this mentality at the forefront of our minds during a Capricorn new moon. We can achieve larger-than-life ambitions, but we can't expect it to come easy. Capricorn energy isn't the least bit afraid of hard work — in fact, it recognizes hard work as simply a tool for getting what they desire. If you're serious about your goals for 2019 or even just the next six months, adjust your attitude to align with the energy of this Capricorn new moon and you'll almost certainly see results down the road.