Why Sabrina & Ms. Wardwell's Relationship Could Take A Drastic Turn In 'Sabrina' Season 2


Spoilers ahead for The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Season 1. Friend or foe? For most of the series it's hard to tell whether Ms. Wardwell is someone Sabrina can actually trust, or someone who will be her complete undoing. But what Ms. Wardwell wants on Chilling Adventures of Sabrina helps explain what she's doing in Greendale in the first place.

In the first few episodes, it's clear that Ms. Wardwell is up to no good. In fact, she's not Ms. Wardwell at all. Her real name is Madam Satan, and she killed the real Ms. Wardwell to assume her body — that way she could get closer to Sabrina and her friends. Afterard, she teaches classes, organizes clubs, and sees everything that goes down at school with regards to Sabrina. She also seemingly curses Ros to go blind. But what does Wardwell want with a half-witch and some mortal friends? Well, she wants the half-witch to be a full witch and leave those human pals behind.

Towards the end of the season, Wardwell takes an even more active interest in Sabrina's life — specifically trying to tear her away from her family and friends and push her further toward the dark side. Wardwell does this by pretending that Sabrina's father asked her to keep an eye on Sabrina. She becomes her trusted advisor, and someone for Sabrina to turn to when her aunts won't help with the more dangerous magic she's interested in. By infiltrating Sabrina's inner circle at school and getting closer to her than her own family, Wardwell is isolating Sabrina and making it all the easier to manipulate her.


We eventually learn that Wardwell made a pledge to the Dark Lord that she'd bring Sabrina to him — a promise Wardwell makes good on when she finally gets Sabrina to sign the Book of the Beast. But Wardwell's plan is so much larger than just delivering Sabrina to the devil.

As Wardwell reveals in the final moments of the season, she's not Ms. Wardwell at all. She calls herself the Mother of Demons, the Dawn of Doom, and Satan's concubine. Her name is actually Lilith, who, according to ThoughtCo, is considered Adam's first wife before Eve in Jewish folklore. In the show, Lilith says she was "saved from despair by a fallen angel," and named herself Madam Satan in his honor.

But Madam Satan is actually looking for a name change, and that's what's made her so interested in Sabrina. She says she's training Sabrina to be Satan's foot soldier so that Madam Satan can leave that position and ascend to a new one: Queen of Hell. With that rank, Madam Satan will get a crown and a throne next to Satan himself.


As for why it has to be Sabrina who helps her achieve Queen of Hell status, Madam Satan seems to think that there's a prophecy that Sabrina needs to fulfill before her Queen of Hell status can be achieved. Now that Sabrina has signed the Book of the Beast — a mighty task that took a long time for Madam Satan to make happen — Sabrina is very powerful. She's one of four witches to ever conjure Hellfire, and even Father Blackwood told her she was special.

Satan can't just have any old foot soldier. Madam Satan needed to bring him the best of the best. And now she has Sabrina's trust, and Sabrina's name in the book, she's well on her way to achieving her goal. Unless, of course, Satan is actually grooming Sabrina for the position as Madam Satan's crow familiar suggested.

It was a notion that so upset Madam Satan that she killed the crow on the spot. But don't be surprised if that thought stays in Madam Satan's head in Season 2. If she perceives Sabrina as a threat, Madam Satan will turn from Sabrina's teacher to her murderer in no time. The latter is a role Madam Satan knows all too well.