This May Be What Taylor Thinks Of 'The Bachelor'

by Alaina Urquhart-White
Rick Rowell/abc

I think a lot of Bachelor fans are starting to get sick of this Corinne ordeal that is constantly the running theme of every episode of Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor. Personally, I thought that Corinne would be eliminated a long time ago. She is not a bad person, but she doesn't seem ready to enter into an engagement at this point in her life. Most of the women in the house agree with this sentiment and have consistently voiced their opinions about it. Unfortunately, even though she was hardly the first to do it, it seems that Taylor was given the boot for expressing this same opinion. So, what does Taylor think about The Bachelor now that she was eliminated?

Well, her elimination is pretty fresh, so there is nothing clear-cut about what she is thinking post-Bachelor at this moment. Luckily, we all know that people generally tend to share their innermost thoughts on their various social media accounts these days. Of course, Taylor is a professional, intelligent woman, so it's not like she went on a rampage about the experience but she definitely expressed some subtle opinions on Twitter about certain contestants and possibly about Nick himself.

On Feb. 4, Taylor sent out a tweet with an article attached to it. She put a cheeky caption that said "Gonna leave this right here lol" and the article was about the traits/habits of "genuine" people. The attached caption for the original article said, "Emotional intelligence is nothing if you are not genuine." She even added #reflect and #learn as an added subtle poke. Of course, fans immediately picked up on this subtle subtweet and connected it to her feud with Corinne on the show given the context and timing of the tweet. As I said before, it is a little bit of a consensus that Corinne is supposedly lacking emotional maturity. When Nick chose Corinne over Taylor on their date, it was shocking because a lot of people were thinking that Corinne was going to go home.

It looks like this week Taylor returns to explain to Nick that she may have come off as a bully to Corinne, but she was just expressing the same opinions that everyone else in the house was and that she just wants what is best for Nick. So was that tweet a subtle dig at both Corinne and Nick? After all, the fact that Nick is keeping Corinne around so long despite her antics is making some people question his emotional maturity as well. Regardless of the meaning of the tweet, it looks like Taylor is taking the whole thing in stride and returning to focusing on her career and her friends. Good for you, girl.