What The 2017 Flower Moon Means For Your Sign

The Flower Moon is a time of abundance, when plants are blooming and spring is in full swing. Folklore claims that flowers grow at night, and even dance in honor of the moon. But, what does the 2017 Flower Moon mean for your zodiac sign? The Flower Moon is in Scorpio, which Addicted to Astrology reported as the most crime-prone full moon, and the sexiest and most romantic of all full moons.

If romance, drama, and intrigue is your jam, the Flower Moon promises to bring an abundance of these things. Additionally, the Farmer's Almanac reported, "The May moon marked a time of increasing fertility with temperatures warm enough for safely bearing young, a near end to late frosts, and plants in bloom."

The astrology website LUNAF described full moon in Scorpio as a time is to escape from distractions and focus on achieving peace and balance, which could be pretty necessary with all of the romance, drama, and intrigue you'll be wading through.

"When the moon transits [a] water element sign, strong emotions and feelings push people to extremes in their behavior," LUNAF reported. "Overreacting makes some people look exaggerated ... [and] blocking and hiding any reactions [can] make them look emotionless."

Here's the quick and dirty about what to expect for each sign of the zodiac the 2017 Flower Moon on May 10.

1. Aries

The Flower Moon in Scorpio is going to have any Aries feeling a little off their game, with internal struggles and little catastrophes popping up here and there, according to Dark Pixie Astrology. Additionally, Darkstar Astrology reports that the bright light of the sun will throw a spotlight on your subconscious and your shadows: "This can feel uncomfortable as the sun literally blasts out the demons who have nowhere to hide." While the Flower Moon might be rocky and uncomfortable, by May 15 Aries can relax, and take their time with decisions and plans. They should use this time to focus on their finances, and work on making self improvements.

2. Taurus

Earth sign Taurus will be particularly affected by the Scorpio Flower Moon, because Taurus is directly opposite Scorpio on the zodiac. This doesn't have to be a bad thing. Tauruses can use this time to get out of their own way, focus on eliminating issues in their relationships, and, or decide to walk away from someone or something that is no longer serving them. "You can be more open with the people in your life emotionally, and can be more supportive of them," Dark Pixie Astrology reported. "You may want to keep the peace so you can feel emotionally balanced, otherwise you can feel stressed and indecisive." Additionally, Darkstar Astrology advises that the full moon is a perfect time purge negative things, and banish entities and bad habits "back to the underworld from whence they came."

3. Gemini

The Scorpio Flower Moon will be a productive time for water sign Gemini, who should spend their time focusing on wrapping up projects and using their emotions productively. "You may keep yourself busy, but try not to be too busy, otherwise you can push yourself to the limit," Dark Pixie Astrology reports. "You can be more easily stressed, and may need an outlet." Be mindful of wearing yourself out and in turn manifesting negative energy. Darkstar Astrology advises that the veils between the worlds are thinnest around a full moon, so Gemini should be very careful what they invite in.

4. Cancer

Water sign Cancer will benefit greatly from the Scorpio Flower Moon. They might feel more creative and shouldn't ignore this. Cancer is advised to harness their creative energy to make something amazing. Additionally, they'll have a chance to nurture personal relationships as well. "You can grow closer to the people you love, or walk away from someone you don’t feel a true connection to," Dark Pixie Astrology advises, adding that an over-confident Cancer can cause drama, so they should be mindful of what they stir up.

5. Leo

The Flower Moon in Scorpio can be an intense time for fire sign Leo who could be equally prone to feelings of passion and love, or jealously and revenge depending on their frame of mind. "You may be more sensitive emotionally, and this can show that you need to work on having a stronger internal foundation," Dark Pixie Astrology reports. Use this time settle issues at home or with family members, and during the Flower Moon work on strengthening yourself internally.

6. Virgo

Earth sign Virgo will have an easier time expressing their feelings during the Scorpio Flower Moon. They should use this time to release burdens, and to get things off their chests that may be weighing them down. "Your heart and mind can sync up, and you can understand what other people mean regardless of what they say, and sense the emotions behind the words," Dark Pixie Astrology advises. Virgo should stay busy during the Flower Moon, and focus on finishing up little projects they may be putting off.

7. Libra

Air sign Libra is forever seeking balance, peace, and harmony. Libra can use the Scorpio Flower Moon to get their financial house in order. Libra's intuition can be their greatest asset, but the Flower Moon might cause them to doubt their instincts. "You may be insecure about something or easily question yourself because of what other people think, so try to tune them out," Dark Pixie Astrology advises. Additionally, LUNAF explains that their active subconsciousness and strong intuition can increase the understanding of unexplainable and mysterious subjects and events for Libra, but cautions that intense emotions and feelings are easy projected upon others. During the Flower Moon Libra should check themselves to decipher their emotions from someone else's.

8. Scorpio

Water sign Scorpio will reap what they sow during the Flower Moon in their sign. LUNAF reports that during the Flower Moon everyone can become more critical and easy lose their sense of measure and tact, and sexual relationships often experience difficulty. This goes double for the Scorpio during the Scorpio full moon. "You can be rewarded or punished, and you can make progress with the things you’re passionate about and have worked hard and smart at, or experience setbacks and delays if you don’t care for or have been lazy or reckless," advises Dark Pixie Astrology. While experiencing heightened emotions, Scorpio must be careful not to take a dark turn, or it may come back to haunt them.

9. Sagittarius

For fire sign Sagittarius, the Flower Moon in Scorpio will be a period of introspection where they can focus on releasing old emotions, subconscious motivations, and things from the past that are not serving them, according to Dark Pixie Astrology. "Letting go can be important with this full moon and helps you to feel less weight on your shoulders." While you're in this introspective phase, LUNAF advises avoiding family gatherings as the Flower Moon can exacerbate family troubles.

10. Capricorn

For earthy Capricorn the Flower Moon in Scorpio is a time to make decisions and get off the fence. "You can settle issues with friends or groups or walk away from a friendship or group, become more passionate about a cause or give up on one, or become more invested in a dream or let it go," Dark Pixie Astrology advises. "You can focus more on your future, and want to make sure of what you want." Capricorn will be less emotional during the Flower Moon so it's a good time for them to make objective decisions.

11. Aquarius

For air sign Aquarius the Flower Moon in Scorpio can be a great success, or feel like a let down depending on how they approach it. During this time Aquarius will get attention, but it might not be the kind of attention they want. "You can experience success if you’ve been working hard and smart for something you’re passionate about, or you can experience setbacks and delays if you’ve been working at something you don’t really care about, have with lazy with, or have behaved recklessly," advises Dark Pixie Astrology. Additionally, LUNAF reports that people with extraordinary abilities are very effective during the Flower Moon, so they should be sure to choose their projects wisely and examine their motivation before moving forward.

12. Pisces

The Scorpio Flower Moon can be a positive time for fellow water sign Pisces. "You can finish a course of study, come home if abroad, settle legal issues, or defend your positions or beliefs," advises Dark Pixie Astrology. Additionally, Pisces might exhibit a great deal of passion, but it's also important to be mindful of other people's feelings and points of view or they could end up in a dust up or two.

In general, the Scorpio Flower Moon May 10 is a time for all signs to focus on the root cause of issues, it may also bring health issues for some. "Because of the wet character of Scorpio, people with rheumatic disorder have to pay attention," LUNAF reports. "Risk of inflammation of the renal system and kidneys is increased. Avoid surgical intervention in areas of reproductive system, urinary system, and intestines [if possible]."