July's Full Moon Is Happening On Friday The 13th — But Don't Freak Out

Anthony Devlin/Getty Images News/Getty Images

July is packed with astrological events that are more than capable of influencing all of the signs of the zodiac. What's more, July's new moon is happening on a Friday the 13th in some regions of the world, which may surely lead many to wonder if the superstitious day will have any effect on the astrologically-charged day. Technically, the new moon will occur during the evening of Jul. 12 for much of the U.S., but due to time zones, it will take place in the early hours of Jul. 13 for Europe and Australia — aka, Friday the 13th. Even though much of America will miss the new moon's coinciding with Friday the 13th, it'll still be a really intense night for all signs.

Considering this new moon is happening during a partial solar eclipse, and considering those events are taking place in the sensitive zodiac sign Cancer, all zodiac signs should expect some very intense and confusing emotions. After all, Cancer rules the moon — and, when we look to the moon for emotional guidance, we won't see it because it'll be darkened like all new moons are. That alone will be emotionally disorienting for many. According to astrologist Lisa Stardust while speaking to Bustle, what each zodiac sign can expect to experience is "transformative — if you embrace the new." Here's what Stardust predicts:


Stardust tells Bustle that this is a great time for an Aries to redecorate their house. Change things up by following your creativity. A newly decorated space will give you the upgrade you've been looking for.


Stardust tells Bustle that Taurus is going to be feeling pretty funny during this new moon. If you're inspired to play harmless jokes on your friends, you should. We could all use a laugh around this time. Just make sure you don't take things too far.


Stardust warns Bustle that Geminis might be having a tough time this month with self esteem. She says, "don’t take the hurtful words of others too seriously, Gemini! You’re stepping into a major transformative time so on’t let the haters bring you down!"


According to Stardust, "the eclipse is on your sun — you’re the one people are listening to and being drawn to." This basically means that you've got a lot of power right now and you should remember to use it wisely. People really listen to you and value your advice, so give it carefully.


Stardust tells Bustle, "rest your head sweet lion, and take a relaxing break from the world during this eclipse, regaining your strength is important for you right now." Your birthday is coming up soon and we all know a Leo loves to party so you could use the rest.


Stardust tells Bustle, "you’re stepping into a new social circle and meeting new people who will help your career — however, this may cause stress with your partner, as they may feel ignored." An easy way to deal with this is to remember to balance your time with everyone, allowing no one to feel ignored. Just find some time to get your partner a little extra attention.


Stardust says that lots of good things are coming your way! But just because your fortune is good doesn't mean you can keep burning the candle at both ends. Take a minute to relax and survey your limits. If you're burning out, it doesn't matter how good your fortune is.


Stardust says that you might receive some shade on this day, but you're strong enough to deal with it. And while it's unfortunate to not feel supported by people in your life, any opportunity to see someone for who they are is a blessing.


Stardust tells Bustle, "it’s time to pay back karmic debts to others. Understand who is worth the investment in your personal life and who is not." Aka, you might need to remove some people from your life if they are no longer serving you in a healthy way.


Stardust explains that if you're getting into a new relationship at this time, it's important that you go out your way to make sure your new partner gets you. Make sure that you're presenting yourself accurately and giving them a chance to fall for the real you.


According to Stardust, "minor annoyances with coworkers may have recently forced you to skip happy hour events after work. This is a time to put issues aside and make amends." So say "yes" to happy hour and get back in with your work crew.


Stardust tell Bustle, "a chance encounter with a potential lover may inspire you to step out of your comfort zone and go out on a hot summer date." If the opportunity arises, you should go for it, Stardust says the stars are aligned for you to have a great time.