Kim K Just Shared The Notes Of Her New Perfume & Apparently It's Going To Smell Like Literal Sex

Concealers, cream eyeshadow sticks, and a collaboration with her long time makeup artists are just a few of the things Kim Kardashian has had going on in the last few weeks. Apparently, it's not enough because the KKW Body fragrance is coming, and the KKW Fragrance and KKW Beauty creator just shared all the details about what this baby smells like, and uh, it's definitely got one major note in common.

If you hadn't heard already, the new KKW fragrance is all about body, Kim's body to be exact. The bottle was molded to the exact parameters of Kardashian's famous frame because well, she cast herself in clay to do it. While fans have known this tidbit for a time as well as when the fragrance will release, they had yet to find out what it would smell like. Well, unsurprisingly, the scent shaped like Kardashian's body and literally called KKW Body smells like sex.

What does that mean exactly? It means that Kardashian seems to have packed aphrodisiacs into her new KKW shaped bottle, and the effect is a musky, sensual smell that basically seems like it was made to evoke, well, lust in those who catch a whiff.

According to a tweet sent out my Kardashian, the perfume features notes of Ylang Ylang. According to WebMD, in essential oil form, the product can be used to raise sexual desire. Then, there's sandalwood, another scent that can be used to trigger arousal. Plus, Kardashian has paired these two notes with other deep and sexy smells such as Amber and Musk. Basically, this is not the sweet, floral scent of her Crystal Gardenia perfume. This is all about another flower.

The notes of the fragrance are only one part of just how sexy this perfume could be, though. Kardashian has been taking to her Instagram accounts to show just how she and her team were able to capture her body so perfectly. Answer: the covered her in clay, and yes, she certainly appears to have been naked at the time, so hello, to an anatomically correct KKW bottle of perfume.

Of course, it wouldn't be a sexy Kim Kardashian launch if people didn't express their opinions about it on Twitter. While some were straight up shaming (and shouldn't have been because she can do whatever she damn well pleases), others found humor in Kardashian's bottle design and clay covered physique.

Some people went the self-depreciating route, and honestly, it's pretty funny.

Others hilariously pointed out that a body shaped bottle isn't exactly new. After all, Mrs. Butterworth has been doing it for years.

Then, there are those who pointed out that Jean Paul Gaultier has created these types of bottles in the past.

Clearly, this person has heard the joke about having a keg instead of a six pack.

With all jokes aside, if you do love Kim Kardashian, this perfume may be the perfect addition to your collection. It's a specially made bottle that she clearly took time to craft with experts. Even if the notes end up not being for you, isn't it kind of a Kardashian collector's item?

If you want to shop KKW Fragrance's new and ultra sensual KKW Body perfume, you've got time. The perfume is set to launch on Apr. 30, just in time to make your summer just as sexy as Kim Kardashian's marketing for this new scent.

With notes of ylang ylang, sandalwood, and musk and a bottle shaped just like Kardashian's figure, this new launch may be the beauty mogul's sexiest one yet.