Kim K Is Launching A Mysterious New Fragrance That Celebrates Her Body

Just when you thought Kim Kardashian West was going to take a break, she comes at you with new KKW goods. The fragrance and beauty mogul is on a roll with product launches, and on the heels of KKW x Argenis, a new KKW fragrance is coming just in time for summer. The brand took to their Instagram account to tease what certainly seemed to be a beach-themed new fragrance on the horizon.

In the image posted on April 22, fans can seem what seems to be the front of a body (that looks quite a bit like it could be Kardashian's) made out of sand. Beside it, you can see the backside of what seems to be the same body also made from sand. Remember the days at the beach of covering your friends in sand? That seems to be the concept here, and beaches and sand certainly seem to point toward a summertime scent.

When you will you be able to get your hands on the new smell? According to the post, the fragrance will be coming fans' way on April 30, just in time for May, the month when summer officially kicks off. It certainly seems like KKW Fragrance is angling for a warmer weather perfume.

Careful watchers of all things Kardashian may not be as surprised to find that a summer KKW fragrance is coming, though. In a Snapchat video taken at sister Kourtney Kardashian's birthday party, Kardashian West mentions in a story that she's wearing her new perfume, and another person in attendance at the party appears to recognize it with another bystander explaining that the person loves it.

It appears that not only is the fragrance coming that Kardashian has already been wearing and has potentially already given it to friends and family (since they recognize the smell).

As for details regarding what the scent could actually smell like? Unfortuantely, things remain fairly mysterious, but in an interview with Business of Fashion, Kardashian revealed that the scent reminds her of the color gold, and it does actually have a name even if the brand's social media accounts haven't revealed it. In peak Kim K naming, the new fragrance is called KKW Body.

Currently, KKW Beauty is launching their collaboration with Glam Masters winner Argenis Pinal which could be taking up a bit of Kardashian and her team's time. Once launched, there's a chance that KKW Fragrance details could be coming down the KKW pipeline.

How do fans feel about the mysterious fragrance? They seem excited despite only the launch date being known.

Some are experiencing product whiplash from all of the reality star's recent launches. From KKW Concealers to KKW x Mario and KKW x Argenis, Kardashian has been lighting up internet retail over the past month.

Others just want their bank account to have a little bit of a break before the next KKW Beauty or KKW Fragrance product hits internet shelves.

Some, though, have theories about the product itself. Given the marketing, is there a chance that it's a unisex scent? Could the backside of that body be male?

According to the same interview in which she revealed the name of the fragrance, that's not the case. The back of that sand covered body isn't male. In fact, it's almost definitely Kardashian's own. Given that the fragrance is set to be named KKW Body, the backside is probably Kardashian's famous one, and you can almost bet the scent is geared toward women.

If you're already a fan of KKW Fragrance, this new scent will probably be next on your to-buy list, and if you love Kardashian herself, why not have a bottle shaped like her on your vanity? All you have to do is set an alarm for Apr. 30, and you just may be the proud owner of the new KKW Body.