Here’s What The Full Worm Moon In March Will Mean For Your Sign

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Well folks, we did it. We made it through the bulk of the winter. Yes, really! The next full moon, Friday, Mar. 2, is the last full moon of the winter season. That said, you'll definitely want to know what the March 2018 full worm moon means for your sign, because with the change of season approaching, there are bound to be internal changes for us, too.

As the earth begins to thaw out and the temperature starts to become more of a mild embrace and less of a walk-in freezer, we're going to feel tons of changes within our personal lives. In the winter, we are guarded and grounded — focused on work and having a good relationship with our home. But as we start to transition into spring, many start to open up again and seek for comfort externally.

But the March full moon in Virgo isn't quite a spring moon, so it's bound to have a somewhat confusing effect on our internal compass. Called the worm moon, it's named after the time of year when the earth worms start to surface, which represents the small feelings in ourselves that will start to surface around this time too, looking for warmth, adventure, and newness.

Here's what you can expect to happen during the almost-spring full moon — based on your zodiac sign, of course.


If you're not careful, you might act too selfishly under the March full moon. You like to embrace your opportunities, and that's totally fine, but take extra precaution that you're not taking what's not yours. Make sure the people at the dinner table have all had enough to eat before you get up for seconds, if you know what I mean.


You like routine and you like predictability, but this full moon might shake things up for you. Try not to freak out, even though your instinct will be to become panicked because of the changes. Try to embrace challenges or changes if the come up under the full moon, a little variation in your life might actually be good for you. Flexibility is a virtue.


You love extremes, and that's what makes you so interesting. But the full moon might encourage you to take those extremes a little to far. Try to find some internal balance and hush the voices that tell you to keep pushing when you've gone far enough.


You have a habit of putting up walls when you're overwhelmed with emotion, so you're going to have to make an extra effort to avoid doing that. This month might be hard for you, emotionally. A lot of things might come up that you're not ready to face, but take them with grace and try to keep yourself open to dealing with them. You can handle it.


Typically you shine in social situations. You love to talk, hang out with friends, and be involved in the social fabric of your community. And while that's totally a positive thing, you'll have to be careful that you're not meddling too much this month — another tendency that you can have. Try to make an extra effort to respect people's privacy and space. Not everyone is as comfortable as opening up as you are.


This is your full moon, Virgo. You're going to be feeling incredibly driven and powerful in the work place, thanks to the full moon. Ride that high, but remember to give your friends and family some attention, too. Set up some social plans in advance so that you don't forget to stay connected.


The full moon is going to bring out some not-so-great qualities in the people around you and it's going to be hard for you to ignore it. It's OK to confront a friend if you feel they're lying, being selfish, or unfair — but just make sure you do everything with kindness and grace so that a conversation doesn't escalate into a fight.


Be careful Scorpio, you're going to be very tempted to take on more than you can chew. The full moon is going to give you a boost of energy, but you have to be careful and use it the right way. Try to channel that energy into work or creative force.


You've had some issues brewing in your personal life that you've been able to avoid confronting for most of the winter. Unfortunately for you, a lot of these issues are going to come to an unavoidable head under this full moon. Get ready for some serious conversations.


Get ready for your ambitious nature to kick into overdrive, Capricorn. The full moon is going to make you feel like you can do it all — have a raging social life, and epic work success — and maybe you can. Just remember to find some time to chill. Even if it's just a few minutes in the morning, try to town down the ambition and chill out.


While typically you're bouncing around from one thing to the next with no trouble, you're going to crave a bit of structure thanks to the full moon. Give a more organized and predictable lifestyle a try. It might not stick, but it's good to listen to your needs.


The worm moon is going to make you think outside of the box. While everyone is focused on their work and their personal life, you're going to be inspired to reach out to your community. Follow that inspiration and sign up to volunteer. Your big heart and spirituality are huge assets to your community.