GLAMGLOW PlumpRageous Lip Treatments Are Gorgeous

by Kali Borovic

If you thought GLAMGLOW's Lip Tints and Exfoliating Treatments were good, then just wait until you see what's next. The brand created an entire line of lip colors that you're guaranteed to love. GLAMGLOW's PumpRageous Nude Lip Treatment line has every lip finish that you could possibly need, in the brands signature plumping formula. They might stick to one major color theme, but you still have plenty of options.

There are a few aspects that matter most when it comes to lipsticks — color choice, formulas, finish, and lip benefits. GLAMGLOW knocked them all out with one single launch. Between their awesome ingredients and gorgeous hues, the brand's PlumpRageous Nude Tints could be their most exciting lip launch yet. Although the only stick to a subtle color range, they rolled out with three finishes.

GLAMGLOW PlumpRageous Nude Tints, $24, Sephora

Whether you're a fan of glossy, matte, or metallic lips, GLAMGLOW has you covered. You can get triple the lip plumping benefits in any finish you choose, too. Those are some big, kissable lips, people. There are four shades each of matte and glossy shades, and two in metallic. No matter which option you choose, you really can't go wrong. The tens shades are gorgeous and super pigmented. Don't just take me word for it though. See for yourself.


The awesome ingredient's list includes shea butter, sunflower oil, and coconut oil. All are super hydrating and healthy, so you really can't go wrong. For $24 each, these PlumRageous Lip Treatments are just that — treatments. The gorgeous color is just an added bonus.


Just like the majority of other plumping lip products, these will leave a tingling sensation on your lips. According to the brand, it should only stay that way for five to ten minutes. The color, on the other hand, will last way longer than that.


The PlumpRageous Lip Treatments are available right now on the GLAMGLOW website. These are a part of their permanent line, so you don't have to worry about them selling out either. Happy shopping!