Starbucks' New Crystal Ball Frappuccino Has A Springtime Flavor You'll LOVE


If the extended winter blues are getting in the way of the spring color fling you've been looking forward to, Starbucks has a new drink to tide you over while you wait for the snow to melt. If you're a fortune teller, you probably saw the Crystal Ball Frappuccino coming, but you'll still want to know a few key things about the drink that perhaps aren't apparent or crystal clear. For example, you'll want to know what flavor is Starbucks' Crystal Ball Frappuccino? And, is there a fortune at the bottom of the cup? And goodness, how do they make it so colorful? Lucky for you, I've got the scoop.

The new drink will grace the Starbucks menu in the United States, Canada and Mexico starting today, Mar. 22 and will hang around until Mar. 26 — and then it will vanish into thin air as all magic tricks do. The caffeine-free drink is créme-based, and as fruity as spring itself. Its fluffy consistency is super rich and refreshing when blended with ice. The beverage is then topped off with a sweet peach flavored cream that's whipped up into a perfect peak. But here's where the magic comes in: the drink is topped off with a sprinkling of one of three candy colored gems: blue, green, and purple, which all foretell a different "fortune" for your day. Even cooler: As a customer, you don't know which color you're going to get until the drink is in your hands, because it remains a secret until your barista sprinkles it on. Blue foretells an adventurous day ahead, green foretells a lucky day ahead, and purple foretells a magical and enchanted day ahead — there are no bad fortunes!


Each color's different fortune will blend with the cream to create a pretty marbled turquoise coloring that's not quite Unicorn Frapp-level bright, but more of a subdued springy pallet that's just perfect for this time of year. It will match your Easter manicure, and stand out in the snow — just what we all need in this never-ending winter.

What I think is the most fun element about this new drink is that the fortune candy gems are a surprise, so really Starbucks is in control of your what kind of day you're about to lead. You can't pick the color of your sprinkles — I mean literally, they'e stored in shakers that are not see-through, so neither you nor your barista know what your fortune is — so if you want to try the Crystal Ball Frapp, you have to rest your fate in the hands of the spirit of Starbucks. Cue the fortuitous Instagrams!


As for its taste, it's definitely dynamic enough to have in the morning for some fruity vibes, or to have in the evening for some dessert vibes. If you're a fan of fruit smoothies, you're going to love this drink. The combination of peaches and cream is heavenly and not too sweet. It tastes like exactly what it sounds like: peaches and cream. But, with a hint of sugary crunch from the sprinkles. And while the sprinkles might look too bold to be natural colored — they are. Starbucks has fully mastered the art of natural coloring that looks like something out of a crayon box — it's very impressive — meaning mother nature is apparently even more impressive than Crayola. The blue candy gems are colored with spirulina, the green gems are colored with apple, pumpkin and spirulina, and the purple gems are colored with algae, cherry, purple sweet potato juices. And no, they don't taste like dehydrated salads: They taste sweet and slightly fruity, with no hint of the healthy vegetables that they contain.

Now that you know that your fortune is out there, head to Starbucks to get a peek into the crystal ball while it's still there!