The 3 Colors Of The Starbucks Crystal Ball Frapp Predict Your Future — Here's What They Mean


The future is a scary thing, my dudes. Whether it's trying to anticipate who's going to kick the bucket in Infinity War, whether this seemingly endless stream of nor'easters will ever stop and give way to spring, or, y'know, the goings on of your personal life (eek), it seems that nothing is for certain. Enter the Starbucks Crystal Ball Frappuccino, which boasts the ability to tell your future based on the colors of the topping put on it. But what do the different colors of the Starbucks Crystal Ball Frappuccino mean? Gather round the campfire, y'all, because your barista just became your new psychic and they have all the answers you seek.

First things first: regardless of fortune's fate, you will, at least, have a delicious snack on your hands. The frappuccino is peach-flavored and crème-based, according to Starbucks' press release, and has a blue marbled appearance, thanks to its turquoise sparkles. It is then topped with three different colors of candies — blue, purple, and green — that all predict various different things for your human day. But you'll only be able to read how the stars will align for a limited time, because this drink will only be in stores from March 22 through 26.

If you're eager to know what ~future~ holds and choose to seek wisdom from a delicious caffeinated beverage, then these are the three fates you can anticipate.

Blue Candy

The blue candy, according to Starbucks, foretells adventure. They advise that you "[b]etter pack a snack today. Maybe an umbrella." So, in other words, you are definitely going to be needing the caffeine boost — because who knows when you're going to make it home tonight? This seems like the ideal day to say "yes" to every opportunity — be it something at work that makes you nervous, or a rad exhibit you've been meaning to check out downtown, or even something as simple as finally planning that wild summer getaway you've been daydreaming about all year. Blue candy says the time is now.

Green Candy

The green candy, says Starbucks, means that your future holds luck: "Wherever you go, good fortune will follow.*" (Starbucks then adds at the bottom of their press release, "*Starbucks does not assume liability for any luck or lack of luck that you experience, but we really do hope you have a fantastic day.) Which is to say, we kind of make our own luck in this world, by working hard and showing up and all that jazz that comes with following your dreams, but maybe today of all days is the one that where something happens to make all the rest of the hard work count. Or heck, maybe you'll find 20 dollars on the sidewalk, which would also be baller.

Purple Candy


According to Starbucks, the purple candies mean that magic is headed your way. Or, more specifically, "Wonder and enchantment are headed your way. Also owls." While I want to take this as literally as possible and assume that my long lost Hogwarts letter is finally coming to take me away from my dreary No-Maj existence, it does seem that this candy predicts more whimsy than anything. Maybe this is the day to take a slightly different route on your lunch walk, or wear something sparkly that needs some love from the back of your closet — you never know where your snap decisions will lead, but the purple candies seem to think that they'll all be somewhere enchanting.

It looks like anyway you slurp it, you're in good hands with this fortune telling frapp; just be sure to get your hands on it while it's still in stores!