These Are The Best TV Shows To Watch On Netflix RN Based On Your Current Mood

Sean Locke/Stocksy

Life is full of important and difficult questions. What path is my career going to take? Should I have an ISA? Do I need to work more? What good TV shows are on Netflix UK? One second hold up... So I can't really answer the first three questions but I'm here for you with the fourth.

Who doesn't know that agonising feeling of opening up Netflix and feeling as though it's water, water everywhere but not a drop to drink. Like your local greasy spoon, sometimes there are just too many options, which makes it harder to decide what will satisfy your needs. What you need from your monthly subscription varies so, so, so much according to your mood, and of course, what the occasion calls for.

Truth is, there is no wrong choice when it comes to Netflix, but there is, however, a severe issue with scrolling. Oh yes, you know the feeling. Open up Netflix and spend the hours you had allocated to televisual pleasures, searching aimlessly. It's like your mental sat nav is offline and you have lost your way in the streaming maelstrom that is Netflix. But don't worry kids, auntie Aoife is here to help you through. So get cosy, get dinner/snacks/drinks sorted, and I'll take care of the rest.

Netflix And Chill For One

Netflix and Chill for one is one of life's true pleasures. Taking what I call a mental health evening/day/weekend to be alone minus showering but plus a lot of eating and TV. Generally this is the very best time to ingest true crime, because there is no room for anybody else's opinion or noise during these masterpieces.

Evil Genius is my current fave head-scratcher. Detailing the mysterious death of a man during a bank robbery with a reasonably healthy set of four hour-long episodes that are doable in an evening.

If you are in it for the long haul and need a day, why not go deep with another historically unsolved murder documentary — that of nun and teacher Catherine Cesnik in '60s Baltimore. The Keepers is a documentary series which sees her students, all grown up, trying to find justice for Sister Catherine. Seven hours of ups and downs, very doable in a day, right?

If you need a weekend and want to wild out on true crime, I recommend The Staircase. Any real true crime buffs are probably already familiar with this case. Netflix has gone and rebooted it from the beginning up to the present. That's 15 years squeezed into 13 glorious 45 to 52 minute long episodes. I've got one word for you: owl.

Night In With The Pals

When you and your mates get together, it's an absolute RIOT. All you want to do is have some drinks, snacks, and watch something that is fun but also not too taxing. Something easy to dip in and out of because we all know that person who talks during TV time, right?

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is so damn silly and funny. From the creators of 30 Rock, it tells the story of Kimmy, who has a secret former end-of-world-cult past, trying to make her way in New York City with lots of weird friends and incidents. With four seasons available for your streaming pleasure, this one could become a weekly thing.

You gals feel more like movie time? Bridesmaids is an absolute crowd pleaser. Not only is it hilarious but let me tell you (if you don't already know) that once you get to the twilight of your twenties, hen parties/engagement parties/weddings come at you like a flood of expensive gifts and ugly dresses.

Death At A Funeral is another "OMG what the hell is happening?" laugh out loud comedy set at one of the funniest things out there, a funeral. One second, what? OK, sounds weird but honestly it is one of those movies with enough ridiculous and hilarious twists to keep you guys sipping on pink wine and feeling fine. That gallows humour, am I right?

In It For The Long Haul

There are times when you want to hang out with plenty of comfortable silences, filled with jaw-dropping TV shows. This might be a long-term friendship, partnership, or family thang. It's not really my business, but what is my business is sorting y'all out with a delicious series to watch together because sometimes, you need to be able to talk to someone about that show.

How To Get Away With Murder is a prime example of a head-scratcher. Starting with a murder but without any clear idea at all of whodunnit but literally endless possibilities of who did, each episode leaves you screaming at the screen. Because that's completely normal, right? With three seasons ready to go, add this to your watch list.

Sherlock is by far the best TV version of Arthur Conan Doyle's eponymous detective IMO. This show is lit beyond belief and each episode is an hour and a half which seems super long but actually, it could do with being a bit longer because you never want it to end.

The best TV detective show of all time however is without any doubt, Jonathan Creek, especially the earlier seasons with Caroline Quentin. It's probably one of the few mystery type shows that you can watch again and again despite having seen it a billion times because it's so damn clever but also hilarious.

Guilty Pleasures To Be Shared (Or Not)

Whether you are in bed sick all day from the latest edition of the lurgy, or you are are holed up under the duvet because you were out doing your best impression of a party queen the night before, guilty pleasures are the one. To me, a guilty pleasure is to be watched alone and not too emotionally or mentally taxing. Just light, pretty to the eyes and maybe, dare I say it, a lil bit romantic. I know, kill me now. But when all you can manage is rolling from one side of the bed to the other, Netflix is here for you, like a warm hug.

The Crown was the flashy, big budget flashy version of the royal family's history. Lots of beautiful gowns, love affairs, racy moments, ups, downs, and of course drama with a capital D. Marathon worthy and just so expensive that you can almost taste the caviar. OK, don't think about fish eggs if you feel sick.

American high school dramas are always so sexy and make you feel like your own high school experience was a bit beige, but they are also like, redonk good. Riverdale is kind of trashy but great at the same time. I'm OK with that, are you? This has everything you want in some harmless guilt. Impossibly glamorous teenagers played by 25-year-olds, mystery, sex, drama. Thank you Netflix, I owe you a drink for this one.

Reality TV is just about the best thing to fill up on when you know your mental capacity is a bit on the low end. There is nothing quite like the joy of seeing people being told off and also hilarious boo boos. Mary Portas Secret Shopper is a perfect example of this. Portas is so good at one line put downs while also being encouraging when it's needed. Does enjoying watching the general public make fools of themselves make you a bad person? Yes, probably. However, Portas helps these shop owners improve their business in the end.

Creepy AF

Sometimes in life, you want to feel creeped out. Some people even like to be absolutely terrified. As a fan of the deliciously creepy but not OTT super scary type shows and movies, Netflix again gives you exactly what you need.

Ryan Murphy has proved to be a bit of a genius producer throughout his career with hits like Glee and Nip/Tuck, but his standout horror drama anthology series American Horror Story is the perfect fairly creepy, fairly sexy, sometimes funny, and all round great TV show. Each series is in its own universe, but with the same actors. The best season thus far IMO is American Horror Story: Coven because, duh, hot witches.

The Alienist is a period drama come thriller come horror come make you pee your pants with the tension type thing. It follows an alienist, which is a super old school name for a psychiatrist, trying to catch a brutal and methodical serial killer in late nineteenth century New York. It is definitely not for the faint hearted but has that morbid fascination to satiate all your creepy needs.

The Frankenstein Chronicles is another creepy period drama to get your teeth into. It is a new version of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. It follows an inspector called John Marlott (played by hunky Sean Bean) after he finds a corpse made up of eight missing children's body parts. Ugh, I know, gross AND scary. Definitely one for a rainy night.


Whether you have 30 minutes to kill before you head out or if you just want to dedicate some proper viewing time, Netflix is here for you. With an ever updated catalogue, it's pretty much guaranteed that you are going to find a little of what you fancy. Just pray for a rainy day so you don't feel bad about staying in.