This ‘Broad City’ Reunion Will Remind You Why Running Into Your Ex Is The Absolute Worst

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Spoilers ahead for Broad City Season 4, Episode 2, "Twaining Day." Broad City's last season saw the evolution (and subsequent dissolution) of one of the show's most unlikely couples to date: Abbi and Trey, her secret Broad City hookup and trainer boss. In Season 4, they briefly rekindle their former spark, but given that it's been well over a year since viewers last saw them together, the reunion feels a bit jarring. And, for the sake of context, it calls for a refresher on what happened between Abbi and Trey leading up to this awkward reunion.

Their relationship may have been short-lived, but their history is not: Trey has been in Abbi's life since the series first premiered. Initially, he was the bane of Abbi's existence: an overly upbeat, endlessly obnoxious muscle head who once dabbled in amateur porn. But as the show pressed on, he and Abbi began to form a genuine kinship. He gave her time off when she was sick, helped her repair the expensive gym mirror that she broke, and always cheered her on (even if, half the time, he's pretty oblivious to what she actually wants). As Paul W. Downs, who plays Trey, told Vulture last year:

"Their relationship just kind of evolved. [Trey has] always cared for Abbi. He just doesn’t realize that he can be annoying, but his intentions are always good. I think [it was] kind of a natural evolution."
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During a drunken work party, however, things take a romantic turn. Trey tries to kiss Abbi, but they're quickly interrupted by a phone call from Ilana, and Abbi tells herself it "didn't mean anything." Later, though, she gives into her attraction: Feeling unsafe after her apartment is robbed, she invites him over to keep her company, and they wind up having sex. Abbi and Trey continue to hook up, but she feels embarrassed and hides it from Ilana.

After a few clandestine meetings, she and Trey decide to go on their first date, and they end up at the same restaurant that Ilana and her parents are having dinner. Unaware she's there with Trey, the Wexler fam invites Abbi to join them, and she spends the night running back and forth between both tables a lá Mrs. Doubtfire. Eventually, though, she has to call out to Trey for help when Ilana's mom starts choking, and Ilana pieces things together. Overwhelmed by the news that Abbi lied to her and distraught that Lincoln broke off their open relationship because he has a girlfriend, Ilana runs outside. Abbi consoles her, explaining that Trey was nothing more than a guilty pleasure and dating him was just a joke, but he overhears and walks off.

When Season 4 picks up, Abbi has apparently quit her job at Soulstice, where she worked with Trey, for something more in line with her ambitions. She and Trey haven't talked since that fateful night, but she's forced to go the gym when a package she accidentally gets a package delivered there. She reveals that she texted Trey, but he never responded; He says he just wasn't ready to talk yet. Abbi convinces him to let her help train Shania Twain, but the two clearly still have lingering sexual tension, and they end up having sex. Trey ends up fracturing his penis (this is Broad City, after all), but in his eyes, it's for the best. He tells Abbi they should have kept it physical, because she's "not the relationship type," and they part on friendly terms.

So, is that the end for Trey and Abbi? They aren't exactly a perfect match, and as nice as Trey turns out to be, he and Abbi don't seem to have anything in common, or frankly, any semblance of an emotional connection. Then again, even four seasons in, we don't really know much about who Trey is. There's obviously a lot more to him than meets the eye, considering how the character has evolved thus far, but that doesn't necessarily mean that what's beneath the surface would be right for Abbi. Still, Downs — who, it's worth noting, is a writer on the show — told Vulture in 2015 that he considers Abbi and Trey the "Ross and Rachel of Broad City." And apparently, there are at least a few people still shipping them.

Abbi and Ilana will always be the series' OTP, but who knows? There could be hope for Trey and Abbi too. Anything goes on Broad City.