'Broad City' References 'Mrs. Doubtfire' With A Hilarious Parody Of The Restaurant Scene

Broad City already made the days of '90s kids everywhere in Season 3 with its recreation of the "Joyful, Joyful" performance from Sister Act 2, complete with a Whoopi Goldberg cameo. And, in the April 6 episode "Burning Bridges," the series referenced another 1993 movie by having Abbi channel Mrs. Doubtfire on Broad City . At first, I giggled at the allusions to Mrs. Doubtfire during the extended restaurant scene in Broad City, but when the women openly embraced the references to the classic '90s film, I was cackling out loud. With even a cameo from an almost-unrecognizable Mara Wilson (who played youngest child Natalie in the original movie) as the waitress at the restaurant, this Broad City episode is one for the books.

Season 3 has been stellar, especially with Blake Griffin's guest appearance in the March 30 episode. Yet, besides the more than welcome additions of Wilson and returning players Susie Essman and Bob Balaban as Ilana's parents and Eliot Glazer as Ilana's on-screen (and real-life) brother, "Burning Bridges" proved that Abbi and Ilana do not need a huge focus on guest stars to make one of their best episodes.

After Abbi declined going to Ilana's parents' anniversary dinner to go on a secret date with Trey, the BFFs ended up at the same restaurant. Of course, Ilana's mom spotted Abbi, so she had to dodge between date and family dinner, à la Robin Williams' character Daniel in Mrs. Doubtfire.

While there were some Broad City-esque variations — like the fact that Abbi wasn't on a job interview and that she only had to put a lei on instead of a whole elaborate costume — Abbi Jacobson's performance of drunkenly ducking between Trey and Ilana as her lies got more elaborate was masterful. Jacobson and Glazer seriously did their homework since they even took their episode title from the restaurant that was featured in Mrs. Doubtfire , Bridges. (The episode title also cleverly referred to Ilana and Lincoln's breakup.)

As I mentioned, the series initially gave a subtle nod toward Mrs. Doubtfire, but by the climax of the episode, Broad City was directly ripping off — in the best way possible — the Chris Columbus-directed film. (This also isn't the first time the women have shown their appreciation for Columbus.)

From Trey coming to save the day as Ilana's mom choked:

... to Ilana doing her best Sally Field impression:

... "Burning Bridges" officially honored the beloved family film with direct scene-to-scene comparisons. My personal favorite: When Ilana banged on the restaurant table and said angrily through gritted teeth, "The whole time!" just like Miranda Hillard did when she discovered her husband was Mrs. Doubtfire. (Ilana only had to deal with the fact that Abbi had been secretly sleeping with Trey.)

Although Ilana and Abbi ended "Burning Bridges" on a bit of a low note, their pain led to our great amusement. Plus, they have their friendship, with no more secrets, to get them through until next week.

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