Stephanie & Jimmy From 'Fuller House' Will Make You Believe In Love

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In Fuller House Season 1, Stephanie helped D.J. and Kimmy with their love lives. During the second season, the middle Tanner sibling got a love interest of her own: Jimmy Gibbler — Kimmy's brother. What happened between Stephanie and Jimmy on Fuller House Season 2 was a sweet and wacky romance that only a Tanner and Gibbler could have. In the first episode of Season 2, Stephanie is attracted to Jimmy from the moment they meet (again) in the Tanner/Fuller home's backyard. Stephanie initially just thinks he's a handsome stranger and they shared a kiss.

Stephanie finally learns his identity when Kimmy greets Jimmy in the backyard and they do the "Gibbler Gallop." Kimmy and Stephanie both react with disgust to the fact that a Gibbler and a Tanner kissed. "Well, I figured you would have remembered me," Jimmy tells Stephanie. "I mean, who kisses a total stranger?" Stephanie tells him she didn't recognize him, because she last saw him when they were kids. Of course, fans know that this is Jimmy's first appearance in the Full House/Fuller House universe. Kimmy did not have any siblings appear on-screen during the original run of Full House on ABC. Kimmy often mentioned a brother named Garth on Full House, but that brother with the very '90s name never appeared on-screen.

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The Tanner/Fuller home is supposed to be Jimmy's pit stop for free food as he drives his RV around the country. He attends D.J.'s end-of-summer barbecue and Kimmy makes Jimmy pose as D.J.'s boyfriend in the presence of Matt and Steve's new girlfriends. Once Stephanie arrives at the barbecue, Jimmy "breaks up" with D.J. and confesses his feelings to Stephanie. "I've had a crush on you since we were little kids," he tells her, adding that he can't stop thinking about their kiss.

Jimmy continues to pursue Stephanie in the second episode — and refuses to move his RV from the front of the house — but she still insists that "this is not happening." Jimmy and Stephanie team up during the family's game night and she feels their romantic connection. She agrees to go on a date with him and they hang out in his RV, bonding over their previous travels around the world. The next day, Stephanie declares to everyone, "I'm dating a Gibbler and I like it."

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For the rest of Season 2, Jimmy and Stephanie have a pretty fun and stable relationship. For the Halloween episode, Jimmy and Stephanie both worked as zombies at a haunted house. During the Thanksgiving episode, Stephanie hopes to hide her relationship from her dad Danny (because Jimmy is a Gibbler), but Max reveals the secret. Luckily, Danny is too involved in his midlife crisis to care about it. In the eighth episode of Season 2, Stephanie writes a song inspired by her relationship with Jimmy, called "The Boy Next Door." He helps her make a music video for the song and uploads it to YouTube. They're disappointed to see that the cheesy romantic video gets negative comments and "37 thumbs down" on the site. Kimmy re-shoots the video and turns the song into a hit. "The Boy Next Door" propels Stephanie to a big TV appearance on father Danny and Aunt Becky's morning show Wake Up USA in Los Angeles in Episode 9.

During the Christmas episode, Jimmy and Stephanie's relationship gets tested when he tells her that he got a job in Auckland, New Zealand — but he really means Oakland, California. It prompts Jimmy to tell Stephanie that he loves her multiple times, but she can't seem to say the L-word in return. She tries to distance herself from Jimmy, but it doesn't work. "I think you have a fear of commitment," D.J. tells Stephanie later in the episode. "As soon as you realize you care about someone, you run away." On Christmas Day, Jimmy and Stephanie reconcile and she tells him, "I love you."

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During New Year's Eve, Jimmy alludes to having children with Stephanie one day, which prompts her to reveal her infertility issues to him. He's super supportive of her and says he's open to other ways of having a family with her. It was a conversation that showed that the couple is getting serious about each other and the future.

Jimmy and Stephanie came a long way since their first kiss in Season 2 to become one of the most stable — and adorable — couples on Fuller House.