Jordan From 'Winter Games' Is Ready For "Something Real" In Paradise


There is hardly room enough in Paradise for the Jordan that is already down in Mexico, but everyone buckle up, because another one is about to hit the beach. Jordan Mauger, a Bachelorette New Zealand and Bachelor Winter Games alum, will soon be joining the cast in Paradise, potentially threatening the stability of the existing couples. The last time viewers saw Jordan, he was in sweaters and snow boots, not swim trunks. But it's been a long time since Winter Games, so you're excused for forgetting what exactly went down. Please, allow me to fill you in on what happened to Jordan on Bachelor Winter Games?

Like many Bachelor Nation alums, Jordan managed to find both love, and heartbreak, on The Bachelor Winter Games. Jordan was very reluctant at first to even sign onto the series after his time as New Zealand's Bachelor didn't exactly have a fairytale ending. He emerged as a villain maybe more despised even than Juan Pablo or Arie after he quite literally flipped a coin to determine the winner of his season. It was gross, and he rightfully caught a lot of criticism for his actions (he and the woman he chose broke up quickly after the finale, unsurprisingly). But Jordan, who claimed in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that he didn't have a genuine connection with any of the women but had to continue production of the show, tried to explain his actions in the same interview:

"I thought it was unfair taking a genuine person into a fake relationship for cameras — that would’ve been traumatic for someone who’s in it for real. Then, there were the other two girls [Verhoeven and runner-up Nazanin Khanjani] who didn’t really give a sh**. I saw their hissy fits, heard through crew what they said behind the scenes and saw they didn’t believe in the process, so [decided] to have them as the final two and flipped a coin for the winner."

Whether or not the criticism of Jordan was deserved, the uproar at his dramatically heartless choice of winner made him a villain in New Zealand, and very reluctant to participate in another Bachelor Franchise show. In fact, he initially told producers he did not want to appear on the show before the finally managed to convince him to sign on, according to the same Entertainment Tonight interview.

This time, Jordan had a completely different experience. While on the Winter Games, Jordan managed to find the true connection he had searched for in vain on Bachelor NZ, with fellow castmate Bibiana. But even though the couple seemed to really be good for one another, the relationship ended in heartbreak— this time, not caused by Jordan. The pair began to have a conversation about what life would look like outside of the Winter Games, and how they could potentially make things work super-long distance (Jordan is from New Zealand, after all) and the sudden talk of the future sent Bibiana into a bit of a spiral.

She started to realize that while Jordan might be imagining a future for the two of them outside of the show, Bibi just wasn't there yet, and felt rushed. "You find this amazing guy who makes you laugh, who makes you feel all these things, who you just have like these crazy coincidences and you can't believe he's right in front of you but then you just rushed," she said on the show. "And you realize that you're not on the same page."

Jordan seemed genuinely upset about their breakup, but judging by his interview with Entertainment Tonight, he left with mostly positive feelings about the whole experience:

"I did get the experience I hoped for on the show and the highlight was being emotionally mature, vulnerable and allowing someone to connect with me on that level. [After] the whole sh**show of my experience in New Zealand, it felt like an important step to go there and have a moment of just enjoyment and putting my heart on the line. There were times I would go into interviews and be smiling ear-to-ear because I was just so happy."

Jordan is certainly hoping that his bad luck will change in Paradise, looking for a third chance at love. But coming in this late in the season is never easy, and Jordan's arrival is sure to stir up some drama, cause some break ups, and test some strong relationships.

After all, he might just flip a coin to decide who to take on a date.