‘Legion’ Finally Revealed Who Took David In That Bonkers Post-Credits Scene

Matthias Clamer/FX

Spoilers for the Legion Season 2 premiere. Noah Hawley's trippy FX superhero series may not be related in any direct manner to the larger X-Men cinematic universe, but it does share something in common with the Marvel movies: namely, a post-credits scene that sets up the next installment. Who kidnapped David Haller on Legion? That was the question raised midway through the final episode's credits last year: just after the team had won a temporary victory against the Shadow King, and as David and Syd were enjoying a moment of quiet on the balcony of Summerland, a floating orb showed up, somehow absorbed David, and flew off with him while Syd could only watch, horrified.

Obviously, this is the kind of cliffhanger that the Season 2 premiere would need to follow up on… and it did so in surprising fashion. Although David turns up again pretty quickly in the April 3 episode, it's revealed that plenty of time has passed in the world of the show — about the same amount of time that has passed for the audience, in fact. David has been missing for one year, and in his absence, a lot has changed. Summerland has officially been absorbed by Division III, with Syd, Cary, Kerry, and Ptonomy now working for Clark in his attempts to track down Amahl Farouk, and Melanie reduced to a shell of her former self in her grief over the once-again missing Oliver.

But the question of who kidnapped David and why isn't revealed until the final moments of the premiere. Fans had plenty of their own theories on the identity of David's captor, most of which surrounded a very famous figure from X-Men mythology. Some fans pointed out that the floating orb closely resembled the Silver Spheres used by Magneto to transport mutants in the X-Men: Evolution cartoon, and theorized that the show was setting the ground for introducing the most famous X-Men villain of all.

The actual answer turned out to be very different — and much more surprising — than expected. While trapped in the orb, David finds himself face to face not with Erik Lehnsherr, but with the woman he'd just left behind on the Summerland balcony: Syd Barrett. But this version of Syd was very different. She looked worn and defeated; she ominously only had one arm; and she was mute, communicating only in pictograms with the help of a glowing magic wand.

Matthias Clamer/FX

But what was even more shocking than Syd's appearance inside the orb was what she wants from David. With the help of her wand, one-armed Syd silently explains to David that she is from the future, and that she has one request for her lover: to help Amahl Farouk find his body, so that his consciousness can rejoin its physical form and the mutant can regain his full strength. Given that this is exactly what the team at Division III is trying to prevent the Shadow King from doing, that's something of an odd and unexpected request.

It's easy to tell that things aren't going great for mutants in the future if Syd is missing an arm and traveling through time to ask for help. But things must be very bad indeed if they need the Shadow King at his full strength in order to help fight whatever threat is wreaking havoc in the future. Then again, David — and the audience — should be asking himself whether this vision of Syd is really real… or just another mental manipulation by Farouk.

So much for all those Magneto theories, right? Well, not necessarily. If you assume that future-Syd is real and not a trick of the Shadow King, then she would have needed help pulling this off. Perhaps in the future she's allied with Magneto, and the powerful mutant had a hand in transporting her to the past. Regardless, the mission that future-Syd has laid out for David will set him against his fellow mutants in interesting ways for the remainder of Season 2, as he covertly attempts to achieve the very eventuality they're attempting to foil at all costs.