Here's How Vicky & Danny Ended Up On The Original 'Full House'

Mike Yarish / Netflix

The final episode of Fuller House Season 3 saw the return of Danny Tanner's former girlfriend, Vicky Larson, played by Gail Edwards, who stopped by for a quick visit and to poke some harmless fun at her former flame. There really wasn't a lot of time left in the season for things to advance from there, but it definitely left the possibility open that these star-crossed lovers could be pick where they left off. But what happened to Vicky and Danny in the original Full House that ultimately led to their breakup? Things haven't always been easy for these two, but one thing's for sure: they've always had great chemistry.

Given that it's been quite a while since the original series was on TV, don't feel bad if the details about this particular relationship are somewhat fuzzy. Danny and Vicky were first introduced to one another when she temporarily took over co-hosting responsibilities on Wake Up, San Francisco while Becky was out on maternity leave and worked alongside Danny on a daily basis. The two eventually hit it off and a relationship bloomed over the course of three seasons. Eventually, Danny went on to propose to her at Disney World and she happily accepted.

However, ultimately, their romance was not meant to be — at least back then anyway. Shortly after their engagement, Vicky received a job offer to be a news anchor in New York City, which she decided to take even if it meant losing Danny in the process. It was an impossible decision to have to make, but in the end the two of them parted on good terms, which is what made their reunion all the more exciting to witness.

At the end of the season, Danny revealed that he was moving back to San Francisco on a permanent basis (and moving back into the Tanner house to boot, much to D.J.'s surprise). If Vicky ends up staying in the area as well, then there's a chance she and Danny could end up rekindling what they lost all those years ago. If long distance was their only problem and that's no longer an issue, then sparks once again could fly. They made such a great couple in the original series, so it'd be nice to see that relationship get revisited after all this time.

That being said, romance won't be the only thing on Danny's mind in the coming season, which will see the birth of Jimmy and Stephanie's baby with Kimmy serving as their surrogate. Preparations for welcoming his new grandchild could dominate most of Danny's attention, but hopefully he'll be able to set aside some time to reconnect with Vicky and see if there's still something there between them.

In the meantime, though, interested viewers could always go back and watch all of the Vicky-centric episodes on Hulu, where the entire Full House series is currently available for streaming. Fuller House has made a habit of bringing former love interests back together again — looking at you, D.J. and Steve! — so it's possible Vicky and Danny will be given a similar treatment. And if not, well, it was still great to see them reunite nonetheless.