Everything We Know About What's Really Up With The Ice Dragon On 'Game Of Thrones'


Daenerys has faced many challenges prior to making her way back to Westeros, but one of the most devastating losses she's suffered on Game of Thrones is, without a doubt, watching one of her dragons fall to his death at the end of Season 7. However, considering it's been quite some time since fans have last checked in with the series, some of you may have a difficult time recalling what happened to Viserion on Game of Thrones to have put him on the side of the Night King and his Army of the Dead. Let's just say that Dany's dragon has faced more than his fair share of hardships in recent days.

Season 7 saw Jon Snow and the Mother of Dragons on-camera together for the first time in the show's history. And while she was eager to see the King in the North bend the knee, Jon informed her that there were much more pressing matters at hand. He explained that there was a bigger battle to be fought that has nothing to with the Iron Throne and everything to do with the fate of humanity itself. He told her that the Night King and his army intends on wiping out the living and he needs her help in making sure that plan doesn't come fruition. She was hesitant to believe him at first, but it wasn't long after that she had a chance to see the White Walkers in action — but it came at a very tragic cost.

Knowing that Cersei would need physical proof to believe anything they were saying about the undead, Jon set out to capture a wight and bring it back for her to see. But doing this proved to be much easier said than done. Jon and his fellow comrades found themselves surrounded by the Night King's army and would've died had word not gotten back to Dany at Dragonstone in time. She and her three dragons came to their rescue beyond the Wall, however, not everyone was able to make it out alive.

The Night King grabbed a nearby spear and plunged it into one of Dany's dragons, Viserion. He crashed onto the snow and submerged into the icy depths below. Daenerys took it to mean that one of her children had died — little did she know that the Night King had other plans for this formidable creature.

Once Jon, Dany, and all the others had departed, the Night King had his minions pull Viserion's body from the water using giant chains, though where they got these chains, exactly, remains to be seen. (It seems like that a Home Depot exists that far north, but you never know.) Either way, Viserion was retrieved just in time for the Night King to place his hand on his head and turn his dead eyes a piecing blue color, transforming him into an ice dragon.

Viserion now takes commands not from Dany, but from the Night King. This has already proven to be a game-changing plot twist since it has allowed the Army of the Dead to enter Westeros itself. Viserion used his fiery blue breath to collapse the Wall, allowing the White Walkers access to the Seven Kingdoms for the first time in thousands of years.

Winterfell will be the first place they hit, and while it's sure to result in many casualties on both sides, Viserion's involvement definitely helps to even the playing field. Will Dany's other two dragons be willing to fight against their fallen sibling? For the sake of the living, let's hope they will. Otherwise Westeros could be in even more trouble than we originally thought.