Sherry's Fate In 'TWD' Comics Hints At Big Changes

by Lindsey Kupfer
Gene Page/AMC

Big things are happening in the second half of The Walking Dead Season 7, which is already diverting from the comics when it comes to one character specifically. Sherry’s “death” on The Walking Dead is not something that happens in Robert Kirkman's comic books and it seems like the AMC series may have done that to expand her role on the show, which would be awesome. The Walking Dead could always use more complex female characters, and Sherry is only getting stronger as the season unfolds. And even though her arc seems to be changing, the fate of Sherry in the The Walking Dead comics suggests that she'll become even more complex as Season 7 continues.

In the Feb. 26 episode, Sherry caused a lot of drama by setting Daryl free before she herself ran away from the Sanctuary. Since Daryl doesn't actually exist in the comics, her entire plotline surrounding him was created for the show. Dwight went out looking for her at their old home and found a note explaining why she let Daryl go. She also says that Dwight has lost too much of his humanity and it’s all her fault. Showing a different, kind of sweet side, Dwight left beer and pretzels as a message for Sherry. He also planted a note with the doctor, lied about finding and killing Sherry, and had the doctor murdered to cover his tracks.

Gene Page/AMC

Now the big question is, what happens next on the show? I have a hunch that we haven’t seen the last of Sherry and it seems like she could end up on Alexandria’s doorstep, ready to join the fight against the Saviors. We know she has a certain fondness for Daryl, so would it really be the worst thing to see her join the fight?

However, while the series is straying from her comic book plot for now, there’s a chance it will bring Sherry back as the Saviors leader after the battle. It’s very clear in the comics that Sherry is initially seen as someone who takes care of her friends, tries to maintain peace within the confines of the Sanctuary, and cares deeply for Dwight. But she is also an opportunist. She does whatever will bring the best possible outcome for herself, and because of that, she and Dwight never reconcile.

Gene Page/AMC

After the comics' giant battle between Alexandria, Hilltop, and The Kingdom, Negan is finally out of power. He is captured and put in jail while the Saviors are left without a leader, so Sherry takes over. She also moves on from Dwight and begins to date someone else while he is working with Rick and living in Alexandria.

In the subsequent war against the Whisperers, Rick's group tries to ask Sherry and the Saviors for help, but they refuse. It’s then revealed that Sherry plans to wait for Rick to win the Whisperer war and go after Alexandria while it’s weak.

Based on her storyline so far, it doesn't seem like The Walking Dead is going in this direction, but you never know. The war hasn't even begun yet, so by the time it ends, Sherry could be back with a new mission to lead the Saviors. We'll have to see where the series takes her, but the comics definitely suggest that there's more to Sherry on The Walking Dead than we've seen so far.