What Happens When Women Try Crotchless Panties For The Day

There are oh so many undergarment styles to suit your below-the-belt needs. For warmth and comfort, granny panties got you covered. For a dearth of panty lines, a thong fits the bill. And when women try crotchless panties in a new BuzzFeed video, we get to see their perspectives on just how different the underwear experience can be sans crotch.

Although you might assume the advent of crotchless panties would be a post-sexual revolution thing, babes were actually airing their parts out for centuries. Before buttons, zippers, and elastic were in vogue, women wore pantalets, pantalettes, pantaloons and drawers that were most often open from the thigh up. With all the many layers of petticoats and hoops and bustles that would be in and out of fashion, using the chamber pot required easy access in the form of a fabric free zone. Even Queen Victoria herself was a wearer of crotchless unmentionables, and the medical opinions of the time affirmed that it was good for your bits to let them blow in the breeze.

Fast forward to today, and crotchless panties are seen as something sexual and usually less than practical. However, there is actually more to the story. Here are three things that the women who wore crotchless panties concluded about this historic kind of underwear:


The Easy Access Is Exciting

Yes, it's obvious, but really: think of all the fun places you can have sex if you choose to rock these bad boys!


They're Efficient AF

Why pull down your underwear if you can pop a squat and pee directly through them? Think of the hours of your life you could save undressing in the stall with this one simple act.


They Won't Let You Ignore Your Parts

It's near impossible to ignore your parts while wearing crotchless panties. "I'm not used to being so in tune with my vag as I'm walking around," one participant in the experiment notes.

And living in a world which often tells women that their genitals are shameful, that's one reason why this kind of underwear can be an empowering choice. Anything that centers your vulva with reverence is a good thing — even if nobody sees it (or feels it) but you.