JPJ Is Still Rocking His Favorite 'BiP' Speedo Looks

John Fleenor/ABC

John Paul Jones is probably the most entertaining man to come out of the Bachelor franchise in a very long time. That's because he is so unapologetically himself that viewers just can't help but love him, or at least be amused by him. It definitely worked for Tayshia, who was brought in by his goofy charm although ultimately, it didn't seem to last. Although, the Bachelor In Paradise Season 6 reunion preview might show him getting down on one knee, though it could be a fake-out. No one seems to know, mostly because since leaving Bachelor In Paradise, John Paul Jones updates have been pretty scarce.

JPK, according to his ABC.com bio, is a financial analyst from Maryland, but is he really? He feels like an alien who has come down to Earth looking for fun, a wife (since he's been looking since he was 18 or something), and to enlighten the people of Earth with his smile, flowing locks, and Speedo bathing suits. And he still likes to wear it, judging by the fact it's made an appearance on his Instagram more than once since filming for Bachelor In Paradise Season 6 wrapped. He's serious about that bathing suit, guys.

He's also serious about capturing our hearts, because John Paul Jones' Insta, if it's to be believed as a marking, a record of what he's been doing since filming wrapped, is absolutely adorable. Here's what else JPJ has been filling his time with.

Being A Dog's Best Friend

John Paul Jones doesn't post a lot on Instagram, but in the past two months he's had multiple pics with lovely puppers. Dogs love John Paul Jones, and since dogs are the ultimate judge of character, it's safe to say that JPJ is a good dude.

Hanging With His Sisters

JPJ is very good in listening and speaking to women probably because he grew up with sisters. They seem to be close, too, because he's been spending a lot of time with them post-BIP.

Posing In Scenic Locations

Yeah, JPJ likes to fish — that's on his Instagram — but is this shirtless, flexed pic that just happens to be on a beautiful waterfront vista something to behold or what? Carry on, John Paul Jones. Carry on.

Thinking About Tayshia

The fact that JPJ posted this picture of him and Tayshia Adams at prom is pretty interesting, because their relationship on Bachelor In Paradise ended in the final episode before engagements. Does this mean they're off and have no regrets and he's looking back fondly? Or is this looking back fondly at a moment with his current squeeze? It's hard to know, especially since even the reunion was now filmed a couple of weeks ago. Anything could have happened since.

If anyone would have a hard time acclimating back to civilian life after being on Bachelor In Paradise, it wasn't going to be John Paul Jones. He's smart, handsome, kind, and so down-to-earth that he seems to take all this fame and stride.