What Hella Fly '90s Trend You Are, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

by Megan Grant
Buena Vista Pictures

Any child of the '90s can name, at the drop of a bucket hat, the most popular trends we loved and adored and would probably still abide by if society today wouldn't look at us funny for it; and you probably fell in love with certain '90s trends based on your zodiac sign, whether you realized it or not. I, for example, am a Gemini, and wanted to make sure everyone knew how emotional and misunderstood I was. This meant I wore grungy ripped jeans quite often — but they didn't rip due to all the trouble I constantly got into. I bought them that way, which also meant I was a total poser. Anyways...

These hilarious(ly awful) trends defined the '90s, and some of them have even made a comeback. Crop tops experienced a renaissance, as did chokers, brown lipstick, and high-waisted jeans. Today's youth has, of course, put their own 2017 spin on it; but no one will try to tell us '90s children that they invented chokers and brown lipliner — we all know that was JLo back in the day.

Whether you're a rockstar Leo or a modest Capricorn, there's a popular '90s trend that is so totally you.



You're daring and rebellious, Aries. You committed the biggest school dress code violation of them all: crop tops. The '90s trend was a regular thing for you, and Principle Schticklemeyer often sent you home with a note for your parents, kindly requesting they purchase you "a whole shirt."



You love having all eyes on you, Leo; and in the '90s, there was no better way to shine and sparkle in a crowded cafeteria than with 10 layers of body glitter. You positively glistened in the light of the overhead projector in math class.



Cancer is a wee bit moody, and that probably explains your impressive collection of mood rings growing up as a child. Jewelry that reflected your unpredictable and hormonally charged mood? Heck to the yes.



Always the practical and logical sign of the zodiac, you couldn't resist a '90s trend that was both aesthetically pleasing and functional, Taurus. Butterfly clips were your go-to. Not only did you love their color and shine, but they kept those annoying whispy hairs out of your face. Two birds, one stone.



The foodie of the zodiac, Virgo was all about cereal shaped like food. Cookie Crisp, Waffle Crisp, and French Toast Crunch were always a part of a balanced diet.



You've always been conservative, Capricorn, always trying to blend in and never draw too much attention to yourself. You kept things simple with the '90s trend that Justin + Britney made so hip: denim on denim.



It takes a lot to keep your attention, Gemini; you were obsessed with the crazy colors of tie-dye shirts back in the '90s, and made it your mission to attempt to tie-dye everything. Your parents drew the line at your little brother.



Balance and harmony is what it's all about for Libra; and nothing brought you greater inner peace than ying yang necklaces. Bonus points if you wore one half and your BFF wore the other. You could find these at Claire's, natch.



You are quite the social butterfly, Aquarius. This smiley face trend is so you. We wore smiley earrings, smiley necklaces, and don't deny you had at least one iron-on smiley face patch that you applied to your favorite pair of Gap hip huggers.



Scorpio likes a little change every now and then, so you could often find them at the local beauty store perusing the selection of Manic Panic hair dye.



Nobody is brave quite like Scorpio, which means you were definitely the spaghetti-strap-tank-top-with-your-bra-straps-showing trend of the '90s, whether or not you had grown boobs yet. This trend was so huge that they actually made shirts with fake, built-in bra straps sticking out. So naughty.



Pisces is the artist of the zodiac; and in the '90s, nothing screamed "artistic, nonconforming, and full of emotions" like studded belts, preferably from Hot Topic.