Harry Styles Is Spending A Week With 'The Late Late Show'

Next month you're not only getting the release of Harry Styles' self-titled debut, you're also getting a Styles week on The Late Late Show With James Corden. Yes, starting May 15, the singer will appear alongside Corden for five days in a row. As the former One Directioner told Corden, he's coming to Los Angeles for a bit and he needed a place to stay. The host, being the kind British gent he is, offered Styles his own pad to crash at, which wasn't exactly the singer's cup of tea. But the singer did ask if he could stay at the studio, meaning fans get a whole week of Styles-heavy late night content. So what exactly do these two guys have in store for Late Late Styles?

Well, singing, of course. Lots and lots of singing. Even if Corden let Styles know that he's the one who does all the singing on his show, the pop star will have to debut some of his new music. When he appeared on Saturday Night Live, he sang his first solo single "Sign of the Times" and debuted his new song "Ever Since New York." With five days to play with, he'll definitely live debut some of the album's other songs like "Kiwi" or "Woman." Who knows? He may even join Reggie Watts as part of the Late Late Show band for one night. Justin Bieber spent a night as the Late Late Show's new drummer, so maybe Styles could take a shot at another instrument.

It's clear these two are going to have a bit of fun. The teaser for the week's long residency makes that clear with its bit about who's going to hang up first. And don't be surprised to see Styles getting into the mix by appearing in some of Corden's signature skits. The singer could rap battle the host or parody a rom-com like Anne Hathaway recently did. If Styles wanted to show off his dramatic acting flair before he makes his film debut in the war drama Dunkirk, out July 21, he could appear in one of Corden's "Crosswalk: The Musical." Perhaps a little Phantom Of The Opera would do?

What we should count on is Styles trying to do his own thing since this is his first time hanging out with Corden as a solo performer. He's going to want to show that he's more than just a member of One Direction, but is his own man. Lucky for us, we get a whole week to watch him do just that.