'BiP's Amanda Reveals She's Not Celeb-y Enough For "Celebrity Tinder"

Bob D'Amico/ABC

Sometimes, the lives of certain Bachelor alum seem so different from the real world, it's hard to believe that we're all actually living on the same planet. Imagine getting paid to advertise on Instagram, being showered with free gifts and concert tickets and being buddy buddy with Chris Harrison? And now, as it turns out, there's another part of their world that most of us are unfamiliar with. On Monday night's premiere of Bachelor in Paradise, Amanda mentioned "celebrity Tinder" in passing, and may have left fans scratching their heads at the comment.

Amanda didn't go too deep into it, but what she's talking about is actually a real thing. It's possible she's talking about Raya, a dating app commonly used by celebrities so they can connect with people who work in similar fields. Not just anyone can join; it requires a small monthly fee as well as an application for membership which can be found on their website. That's right — their committee has to agree that you're legit enough to use the app. There's also something called Tinder Select, which, according to Refinery29, is Tinder for celebs and high-powered CEOs. Whichever app she was discussing, as Amanda claimed on BiP, she was put on the waiting list.

Fortunately, it doesn't look like she took the news too hard, because she's already joking about it on Twitter.

Of course, it's hard to tell who these elite dating apps will accept and who they won't, so it's probably for the best that Amanda had BIP as a solid backup plan. She's been open about her post-show relationship with Robby Hayes, so it looks like she won't be needing "celebrity Tinder" anyway.

Still, it would be pretty cool to gain access and see who else is on there. Maybe, if Amanda ever gets her acceptance, she'll share with us who she swipes past? Probably not, but now I'm dying of curiosity.