What Is Danielle L. Doing After 'The Bachelor'? She's Living Her Luxe Life

ABC/George Burns

It’s been a few months since filming on Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor wrapped up, so I like to check in on what some of the ladies have been up to since they went back to their normal lives. Like, for instance, what has Danielle L. been doing since The Bachelor? Based off social media, it seems the small business owner from Los Angeles has been busy traveling and working on new projects. It’s no secret that once you go on The Bachelor, the offers start rolling in. It was only a matter of time before she started her Instagram promotions, especially considering Danielle L. seems to be in the show for the long haul.

In case you’ve already forgotten who Danielle L. is in the midst of the Corinne Show, she was the one who recently went on a date with Nick in his hometown of Milwaukee. The couple went to a bakery and decorated cookies, followed by an awkward run-in with his ex-girlfriend, which was of course a complete accident, not at all planned by the producers. Nick and Danielle then hung out in the park where Nick lost his virginity. Classic. It was topped off with an intimate concert where they danced and made out on stage while listening to a singer that no one really knows. It was all-in-all a pretty standard Bachelor date.

Now that I’ve jogged your memory, let’s talk about what Danielle has been up too in the last couple months.

She’s Been Modeling

According to her social media, she's been modeling for a while, but that career is likely to explode even more now that she's been on The Bachelor.

Getting A New Puppy

“Meet my new puppy Mila!” she captioned an Instagram with the adorable yorkie.

Watching The Puppy Bowl

“I'm so excited for the#puppybowl this weekend!” she tweeted, adding of her own puppy, “Wonder how Mila would do?”

Selling Stuff On Instagram

As if we didn’t know this one was probably coming. It seems Danielle L. already has offers rolling in to sell stuff on her page.

Traveling To Thailand

Talk about a great way to ring in the New Year. Danielle was lounging in Thailand when the ball dropped this year. “Spent New Year's Day going on an ambitious tour around the Phi Phi Islands!” she captioned a photo of herself.

Celebrating Her 28th Birthday

“28 is feeling pretty great! Thank you to everyone for the phone calls, texts and messages ❤️️ The celebrations and adventures in Thailand are just getting started!” she wrote alongside a photo of her self. New Year’s and her birthday and Thailand. Yes, I’m jealous.

Watching The Bachelor

Because every contestant watches their season and tweets about it.

Going To Disneyland

Danielle and some of the ladies she became friends on the show with headed to the happiest place on earth together.

Jetting Off To A Family Wedding

“Had such an incredible time out here celebrating Brian & Jesse's wedding! Here's to welcoming another Lombard into the family,” she captioned a photo of herself in Vero Beach, Florida.

Having Girls’ Night Out

Sometimes you just need a night out with the girls.

Hanging Out With Her Sister

She made a trip out to San Francisco to visit her sister. “Had to make a trip out to visit her before heading home,” she captioned the snap, “LOVE YOU SIS!”

Eating Delicious Meals With Mom

Never underestimate the power of a good brunch pic.

Danielle Lombard has been living it up since filming The Bachelor has wrapped. Get it, girl.