Here's What To Know About That "Eclipse Water" Everyone's Talking About

by Kaitlyn Wylde

If you're always on the hunt for an excuse to practice your spirituality, the eclipse is a great time for you. And if you're planning on orchestrating any solar ceremonies, you'll want to make sure you're familiar with what eclipse water is, because it should definitely be the star of your solar spirituality service — pun intended.

Washington D.C.-based journalist Christianna Silva wrote a solar eclipse ritual guide last week for NPR, which included instructions for how to make eclipse water. In the article, Silva talked about her tradition of traveling to the mountains with her mother during a full moon — a time in which they would set out a jar of water, allowing it to infuse itself with the energy of the moon. She and her mother believed that by taking the time to harness their energy with inspiration from the full moon, that they'd be able to set intentions that would be more likely to come to fruition. Silva also talked to Jess Zimmerman, co-author of "Basic Witches: How to Summon Success, Banish Drama, and Raise Hell with Your Coven" about how to make the most of the eclipse, spiritually. Bustle reached out to Zimmerman to get some extra spiritual eclipse experience tips:

"People who want to mark out the eclipse as a moment of personal reflection or growth can start by thinking about what the idea of "eclipsing" means to them — is there something, maybe, that's standing in the way of their light? Alternately, is there something they need to be shaded or shielded from? Even leaving aside your personal story, it can be valuable to focus on how wild our universe is, and really connect with the ability to be amazed by nature. You don't have to do anything special in order to make a dramatic natural event feel personally resonant; just enter into it thoughtfully and with intention."

In the article, Silva also talks about how she and her mother would use the water infused by the moon's energy and their intentions and save it to use for later times. Using the same mentality, they suggest eclipse viewers set out water to make powerful energy-filled water with the help of both celestial giants. To create your own eclipse water, simply fill up a clear container with water and seal it tightly. When the eclipse begins, set out your container of water and think deeply about your intentions that you'd like to set. Once the eclipse is over, you can use the eclipse water for a myriad of things later on:

Water Your Sad Plants

If your plants are looking like they could use a little extra TLC, (no judgement, mine literally always look like they're on the verge of death) use a little but of eclipse water to nourish them.

Add It To A Recipe

If you've got a recipe that calls for a small amount of water, (like a pie crust, or jam) use some of your eclipse water for an extra special touch.

Add It To A Cocktail

Water down your cocktail with a bit of eclipse water and reduce your chances of getting a hangover. Stay hydrated and stay spiritual.

Serve It To Your Loved Ones

Add it to your pet's water bowl, serve it to guests at a dinner party, or add some to your fish's bowl.

Soak In It

Pour some of your eclipse water into a tub or foot bath, add some hot water, epsom salt and essential oils (if you please) and soak it all up. Let the water help you mellow out and find your peace.