Things You Should DEFINITELY Do During A Solar Eclipse
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Solar eclipses usher in new beginnings, so you should think of the Aug. 21 solar eclipse like you would New Year's Day. Things you should do during a solar eclipse include setting intentions, practicing self care, letting go of self-destructive patterns, and more. Astrology website Star Sign Style suggests upping your self-care game during the solar eclipse because normal feelings and emotions can be magnified during this time.

"I’ve noticed others have been noticing different symptoms — from tiredness and headaches, to feeling generally run down or crazily sparky — electrically charged," Star Sign Style explained. "Eclipses can be felt before, during and after, with increased sensitivity at this time. Consider the past few weeks and anticipate repercussions in the weeks ahead, too."

So, while you should definitely try to view the first solar eclipse to cut a path across most of the United States in 99 years, it's important to remember that the solar eclipse is also a rare karmic opportunity to hit the reset button. You might feel overly emotional, and you could also experience physical symptoms, according to Star Sign Style. Emotional symptoms to look out for include anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, and even feeling relieved. Physical symptoms you may experience run the gamut from headaches and fatigue to vivid dreams, sleepwalking, flu-like symptoms, and sensitivity to electronic devices.

If you want to make the most of the solar eclipse, you should definitely do these things because it's a powerful time to manifest your dreams.


Set Your Intentions

Aside from being amazing to witness, solar eclipses are also powerful times to manifest what you want to bring into your life. The Aug. 7 lunar eclipse likely brought an end to something in your life, and the Aug. 21 solar eclipse can bring about a new beginning.

"The time between the lunar and solar eclipse is a portal," Astrologer Sarolta DeFaltay told NPR. "People use this energy as a symbol for what they want to change in their life."

Because this is a powerful time to manifest your dreams, it's important to set an intention to send out to the universe. "During the eclipse, people will sit in meditation or light a candle or write about what they want to manifest and what they're looking to release," DeFaltay explained.


Witness The Solar Eclipse


While you may have another opportunity to view a solar eclipse in your lifetime, this is the first eclipse visible to most everyone in the U.S. since 1918, and it's a rare opportunity to witness a celestial phenomenon. Make sure you have your eclipse glasses, or a safe DIY eclipse viewer, and head outside to see the magic.


Make Your Own Powerful Eclipse Water

You already know that your body is made up of mostly water, and water is the key to all life. Christianna Silva wrote on NPR that water may hold even more magic. "My mom says there a chance an eclipse can grant powers, wisdom, and positive energy. The purpose of eclipse water is to bottle up all that energy and be able to use it for months after the event has passed."

Silva details how to make your own eclipse water, and here's the breakdown. Fill a glass water bottle or mason jar with H2O, then set it outside as soon as the eclipse begins. "While your water is collecting energy, set your intention," Silva explained. "It could be a more productive time at work, or a more creative outlook, or luck with love." Once the eclipse is over you can bring the water back inside and use its magical energy for whatever you'd like, including drinking, making coffee, watering plants, and even bathing.


Have An Eclipse Ceremony

Joy Arnold of Bad Yogi suggests another way to set your intentions during the eclipse by having a sacred ceremony. It's not as new age-y as it sounds, and what have you got to lose? If you want to give it a try, here's what to do, according to Arnold.

Write down on a piece of paper what you want to manifest, create, or release. "Because this is a solar eclipse and the spiritual essence is power and career, I will write down what I want to manifest in my career over the next year or so," Arnold explained. "I then fill my abalone shell with loose sage, rose petals, and Palo Santo. I light this sacred blend and place my paper in it."

Next, go outside and sit on the earth. No shoes. No chair. "Just my bootay sitting on Mother Earth," she noted. "As I watch it burn I repeat an affirmation (it’s different each time depending on my intention). Just find a sentence or two that resonates with you."

Stay until the paper burns completely, and then give a silent note of gratitude and repeat “and so it is, and so it shall be.”


Practice Self Care

After you set your intentions, treat yourself to a little self-care. While the solar eclipse can be like New Year's Day, you definitely don't want to treat it like New Year's Eve. Do things that will make you feel relaxed, and that are designed to alleviate stress. Here are the top self-care tips from Star Sign Style.

  • Bathe: "Indulge in a good soak and let tension slip away," Star Sign Style recommended. "Water is connected to the moon and a bath is an incredible way to mark major moon moments."
  • Massage: You can either book a massage, or massage yourself with essential oils.
  • Sleep: If you're tired, get some shuteye. It's totally fine to take a nap. "How often we beat ourselves up for our lack of productivity yet sometimes it’s essentially to recharge and give ourselves enough time in the land of nod!"
  • Meditate: You can use this as another way to set your intentions.
  • Hydrate: "Drink lots of water and flush out your system," Star Sign Style noted. "Full and new moons are amazing for detoxing and taking stock of your body."
  • Do A Digital Detox: I know it's hard, but it you're feeling really depleted, and you're able, take a break from your devices.


Ask For Guidance

If all of this intention-setting business is new to you, there is guidance available. You can attend an Online Solar Eclipse and New Moon Ritual for New Beginnings with Sage Goddess. The event will walk you through how to set your intentions so you can powerfully manifest your dreams during the solar eclipse.


Get Creative

The solar eclipse is the perfect time to summon your sleeping, inner Lady Gaga. Use the celestial powers to unleash your creativity. Draw, paint, sing, dance, write, or whatever creative activity lights your fire.

According Patricia Liles of the Power Path, having Uranus present during the solar eclipse means: "The inspiration of fire, a gratifying shatter of the old ways, Change! Freedom! When the Sun reappears after the eclipse, we can welcome our awakening, kick the ego to the curb, and get our weird on. Uranus is happy to fuel our cooperation by breaking down walls of all kinds that separate us."

Ready to break down some walls and create your new life? The wait is almost over.