This Line Of Stylish Wheelchair Accessories Includes A Coffee Holder & A Phone Pouch

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Courtesy of FFORA
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Maybe of us can relate when it comes to grabbing a morning coffee. Where some have the ability to get a cup and go without a second thought, those who use wheelchairs —and therefore have their arms occupied while moving — have to finesse where to put things. Enter fashion lifestyle brand FFORA, which that launched wheelchair and disability-friendly accessories to make life more, well, accessible.

The name may sound new, and that’s because it is. “Disability first—made adaptable for all” is how FFORA is described on its site. The brand is introduced by Parsons School of Design graduate Lucy Jones, who started the brand after speaking with a family member living with cerebral palsy.

"He has hemiplegic cerebral palsy, which means he has limited mobility along one side of his body," Jones tells Bustle. "I quickly realized that he faces a number of challenges everyday, some of which are unnecessary, and due to the poor design of certain products."

Jones spent about two years researching the challenges the disability community faces "from activists to artists and athletes to nurses" before her concept came to fruition. Finally, Jones landed on three solid ideas: a cup holder, a crossbody bag, and a wheelchair attachment system.

“In the past, people who use wheelchairs have had to shorten their straps, stretch their bags in certain ways, strap items to various parts of the chair, and balance things on their lap, such as hot beverages, while they go about their daily routine," Jones says.

The initial line includes an attachment system that connects with over 170+ wheelchair models to carry the other FFORA accessories like the cup holder and the Essentials Bag. However, if you think your chair isn't compatible, the site allows you to select the wheelchair brand and model to ensure a perfect fit.

The FFORA collection is already available on where prices start at $25. Here's everything to expect in this chic and accessible collection.

FFORA Attachment System

FFORA's attachment system is really the base of the brand's accessories line. Users can attach its silicone grip to their lower tubes of the chair for easy access. Plus, even the screw driver to tighten in the screw is disability-friendly.

FFORA Essentials Bag in Hot Pink

The Essentials Bag is cute on literally anyone, but this bag is especially made to clip onto the attachment system to make a wheelchair user's life much easier. Holding everything from your keys and cards to your eye glasses, shoppers are set with all their on-the-go needs. This Essentials Bag comes in yellow, electric blue, black, and tangerine and ideal for smaller wheelchairs. However, if you need more space, an Essentials Plus Bag is also offered on the site.

FFORA Cupholder

Not a lot of wheelchairs come with built-in cup holders for your morning cold brew or water bottle (because hydration matters). With FFORA's detachable cupholder, gone are the days of squeezing your thighs together to keep your drink from spilling into your lap. The cup is one size fits all, but the silicone grip inside keeps all your liquids from spilling while on the move.

FFORA Essentials Bundle

Shoppers can also save some coin by purchasing the entire line one of the bundles offered in the three metal finishes (champagne, nickel, and midnight). If you're still a fan of the larger essentials bag, that, too can be purchased in a separate bundle set, but only in the black color.

As the world pushes forward to rectify the struggles of wheelchair users and the disability community, it's another win for making day-to-day living easier for everyone.

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