What Is Hunter McGrady's Snapchat Name?

On Feb. 15, Sports Illustrated released its 2017 Swimsuit Issue, dropping images of well-known plus size models like Ashley Graham, and of newer faces like Hunter McGrady, the curviest model ever spotlighted in SI. Fans are loving this Rookie of the Year, and are wondering: What is McGrady's Snapchat name?

While McGrady's Instagram is full of selfies and shots from photoshoots and campaigns she's participated in, her Snapchat, as can be expected, is more personal. The 23-year-old model's latest snap is a peace sign — featuring glossy manicured nails — from inside a plane as she's leaving Brazil, where she's been vacationing.

In an interview with SI, she talked about her-as-a-model versus her-at-home-in-PJs. "I'm a very sexy person on my Instagram," she said. "I'm a very sexy person when I'm out in public and speaking, but behind closed doors, let me tell you, I'm wearing NFL pajama pants, and I have glasses on and a face mask on my face. Don't get it twisted."

As for what she hopes to accomplish as a model, McGrady said, "My main goal is to get across to women that you are able to love your body at any size and that you're sexy and beautiful at any size. Beauty is not a size and I'm really happy that the industry is accepting body diversity."

So what's McGrady's Snapchat name? The answer may not surprise you: It's "huntermcgrady" — naturally. Fans can look forward to seeing more from this body positive SI Rookie, and thanks to Snapchat, they don't have to wait for her next photoshoot to see more of her right now.

Image: huntermcgrady/Instagram