Katie From 'The Bachelor' Has An Impressive Resume

Rick Rowell/ABC

Colton still has so many women on his season that fans have yet to really get to know. Bachelor contestant Katie is one of them. Fans know she loves to dance and that she got a kiss from Colton on night one, but there's more to her than just that if she's made it all these weeks so far. Like, what's Katie's job off of The Bachelor? According to her ABC bio, Katie's official job is Medical Sales Representative, but she's a lifelong dancer who still finds time to do so in her spare time — even if it's not her source of income. But it's her love of dance that really shone through Katie's Bachelor introduction during the premiere. And she even pledged in her bio to "teach Colton a few moves."

"I came to LA because I wanted to dance. I love dancing," she said in the taped premiere package." Then she added, "As much as I love creative freedom and the arts, I'm a person who wants stability and security." It seemed like she was hinting there about why she chose the medical sales rep field versus one in dancing.

According to Zip Recruiter, medical sales reps sell devices, products, or equipment relating to the medical field. Like any salespeople, they need to have good communication skills and understand their products. LinkedIn says she works specifically with neurology products and she's actually a senior rep.

Rick Rowell/ABC

MedReps said in its 2018 report that the average medical sales rep salary was $92,698 and commissions could bring that number closer to $150,000. So the job is definitely in that stability and security realm Katie spoke of. But even if she's not making quite that much, the MedReps study found that next to money, sales reps liked their jobs because of the work/life balance, opportunities for advancement, and job satisfaction. Maybe it's not dancing, but it's still pretty cool.

Katie's LinkedIn says she graduated in communications studied and business administration Louisiana State University, where she was also on the LSU Tigers girls dance team. Reality Steve reported that she'd already been dancing for 19 years at the time, and her favorite genre to dance was hip hop.

She doesn't have much other dancing content on her Instagram besides one throwback picture of her on the Tigers team. But her social media page does show off some of her other potential sources of income.

According to her Instagram, she does some modeling work. (Which Bachelor star doesn't?) And she's a big fan of working out and exercising, according to her Bachelor introduction during the premiere. She's combined those two interests into some athletic gear modeling.

Expect her brand to only grow further with her exposure on the show. Perhaps she'll build a big enough audience to transition into modeling full time. Or she'll be able to leave the medical sales rep field and go full time into dancing. Perhaps she'll be one of those contestants who becomes a personal trainer post-show.

The future is bright for Katie both on and off the show. And fans will be eagerly watching to see what comes next.