You Can Get These $175 Cashmere Joggers For Just The Cost Of Shipping, No Catch

Getting stuff for free is always exciting. But getting cashmere pants for free is even better. LEIMERE is giving away cashmere joggers for the price of shipping, so you can fall in love with the brand before you buy. Think of it like those free samples you get at Costco, but so much better.

Whether you're interested in trying out a luxury fabric or just getting a really great deal, this promo is for you. LEIMERE is a luxury loungewear brand that features items made of cashmere blends. The brand knows that not everyone has the money to take a chance on $100 jumpsuits or $80 sweatshirts. To make you feel a little better about your purchase, Leimere wants to send you a free sample.

The Promo Joggers are a basic pair of gray joggers made from a modal, cotton, nylon, and cashmere blend. While the other joggers on the site are $178 each, these have a different price — free.

"Being a startup, we wanted to place our product in the hands of consumers, however we understand the hesitancies in purchasing product online without knowing the brand or hearing a firsthand experience from a friends," Robert Tomson, co-founder of LEIMERE, tells Bustle. "Therefore, instead of spending money on advertising, we decided to use the budget to get out joggers in the hands of consumers, confident that they'll fall in love with out product and spread the word."

All you have to do to get a pair of Promo Joggers is log onto the website, click add to cart, and pay for shipping. The only cost to you is shipping, which rings in at $19.95. While that's not completely free to you, it's still a heck of a price to pay for luxury loungewear.

The Promo Joggers are only available in small batches at a time, meaning that the sooner you shop the better. You are limited to one pair of pants per customer, though. Sizes range from extra small to extra large, and all are currently available as of July 31.

Why start out with a free jogger? According to the LEIMERE, the brand wants you to start out with the classic jogger style, because it knows you're going to love it.

"We chose the jogger as the entry product to LEIMERE because it's the perfect product to Live, Lounge and Play In," Tomson says.

You might start out with a basic style, but there's plenty more to stock up on from there. The brand doesn't just have joggers on the site, either. LEIMERE has tons of different sets available in shorts, skirts, and logger styles. Each of them comes with a matching top to go with it. The brand also offers dresses, scarves, and wraps as well.

There are only a limited number of free joggers available each month, so you'll want to head over there and get to shopping. This month's batch ships out on Aug. 30 — so you can stay cool when the fall air rolls in. Or, you know, just to keep you comfy in that August air conditioning.