What Is Lena Luthor Planning On 'Supergirl'? Kara's Friend Is Playing The Long Game

Oh, Lena Luthor. Supergirl is never going to let me fully trust her, is it? After getting caught up in her mother Lillian's shenanigans and escaping further conviction with Kara's help, a suspicious smirk and a chess move or two made me doubt her all over again. What is Lena Luthor planning on Supergirl? Also, if Lionel Luthor is her real father, then who is Lena's mother? Monday's episode left me with so many questions.

So Lena is a Luthor by blood after all. She can never fully escape their reputation, and may not want to. My gut instinct would be that she's working with her brother Lex against their parents somehow. We don't know how far the Superman mythology has progressed on the CW series. Lex may be momentarily redeemable. Then again, Lena really seems to care about Kara's opinion of her and their relationship. This is so frustrating!

Maybe she's manipulating the situation to be the top Luthor. Maybe she wanted to be set up by her mother and trusted that Supergirl would ultimately save the day. I hope Lena isn't going to betray Kara. That would be devastating, especially because with the exception of her sister, Kara basically just associates with guys. Without Cat Grant around, Supergirl has been lacking in its feminist lessons of the week. Tearing apart such a promising female friendship would be a major letdown.

That said, I know a chess metaphor when I see one. There is some endgame in sight for Lena Luthor. We'll just have to wait and see where it aligns as Supergirl continues.