What Is Lucas From 'Bachelorette's Real Job? “Whaboom” Probably Can't Pay The Bills

Paul Hebert/ABC

If I were to give out a first impression rose to the strangest occupation on Rachel Lindsay’s season of The Bachelorette, it would go to the professional “Whaboom.” (The professional “Tickle Monster” would be a close second, of course.) I just… I don’t fully understand it. “Whaboom” is not an actual vocation, it is not a real word, and as far as I know, it isn’t a colloquialism for a job title. So, what is Bachelorette contestant Lucas Yancey’s real occupation? To paraphrase workplace comedy Office Space, what would you say you whaboom here, Mr. Yancey?

While unveiling the Bachelorette bios on Facebook Live, Chris Harrison attempted to break down the meaning of “Whaboom.” His explanation didn't exactly shed a light on Lucas' line of work. The King of Bachelor Nation said,

Oh? Can an essence pay the bills? Can you put an essence on a résumé? Can an essence be a job title? What does this guy do? Well, we needn’t wonder a moment longer: The Bachelorette hopeful has a personal website that lists all of the non-Whaboom things he does for work.


According to his site,

You mean to tell me he did not get a degree in Whaboom? Whoa.


So, what’s he been up to as of late? Take it away, Lucas' “About Me” page:

Yes, Lucas does have an IMDb page. His credits include Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, two Doritos Super Bowl ad contest submissions, and Ex Isle. As it turns out, The Bachelorette isn't Lucas' first visit to the rodeo that is reality television. Whoa-boom.

But wait, there is more on his site:

And here I thought he spent his days toiling away in the whaboom mines.


Are you ready for the kicker? Dude tossed some hashtags onto the bottom of his “About Me” page.

There it is. There it is. The whaboom is alive and well. What a relief.


There you have it, folks. Lucas is an actor/writer/producer/stand-up comic/property manager/real estate investor/real estate developer. A true whaboom of all trades.