Megan's 'Arrangement' Secret Could Be Big

Daniel Power/E! Entertainment

It’s your typical boy-meets-girl-in-Hollywood story. Boy meets girl when she’s auditioning for a new movie, boy likes girl, boy brings girl to eat fish tacos in Los Angeles and then on a flight to Mexico, boy and girl share deep thoughts and sex, boy hands girl a contract for them to appear to be married. I mean, that’s happened like, a thousand times, right? Well, it’s happening on The Arrangement, and I’m definitely picking up what they’re laying down. In the pilot episode, Kyle West, the world’s biggest movie star, gives waitress Megan Morrison a contract for their eventual marriage. What could go wrong? Well, plenty of things, but the success of this agreement could also hinge onthe nature of Megan’s secret on The Arrangement.

I don’t know if Kyle is burnt out by all of the random women that his Institute Of The Higher Mind leaders have been throwing at him, but he sees Megan as a breath of fresh air. When she’s faced with the decision to sign on the dotted line and be Kyle’s eventual wife, the only drawbacks and pauses seem to come from what his life could do to hers, and not the other way around. Until Megan’s friend brought up an ominous secret from Megan’s past that could be a total nightmare if she gets in deep with Kyle.

Daniel Power/E! Entertainment

Of course, the friend doesn't say anything that lets us know what the secret actually is, leaving viewers guessing. Is it a secret past with the Institute of the Higher Mind? A mental breakdown? Some time spent married to another Hollywood superstar?

Honestly, I have no idea, but I am sure that everyone at Kyle’s beloved Institute Of The Higher Mind organization-cult-thing (who knows, really?) will be looking into everything from Megan’s banking records to her school report cards to properly vet her before she marries Kyle. Whatever Megan is hiding from Kyle and from her marriage contract, it definitely won’t stay hidden for long, which just makes me more excited for the next episode of The Arrangement.