What Meredith From ‘The Office’ Has Been Up To Since The Cameras Left Dunder Mifflin


Kate Flannery gave us perhaps some of the most memorable moments of The Office (co-executive producer: Mindy Kaling). Between Meredith's infamous head shaving, her unfortunate roll up onto Michael Scott's windshield, and her always entertaining yet sometimes troubling alcoholic tendencies, there was never a dull moment with her. What is Meredith from The Office doing in 2018? Flannery is flexing some serious show business muscles that Office fans weren't able to witness much during her time on the show.

As it turns out, Flannery is good friends with Jane Lynch, a TV legend in her own right, and they've partnered up in recent years to make music. She appeared late last year in Lynch's stage production, a Swinging Little Christmas, according to the Huffington Post. There was even an album released in 2016 of the music featured in the show, and it reached #10 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary chart. "Anywhere there is Kate Flannery there is going to be fun," Lynch told the Huffington Post about their collaboration. "So, there’s a lot of fun on stage, and the music in my humble opinion is gorgeous."

Flannery has also toured the country with Lynch as a supporting vocalist for her "See Jane Sing!" shows, which still have upcoming dates listed at the time of publication. It seems as though this trio, made up also of musician Tim Davis, isn't the only time since The Office (co-executive producer: Teri Weinberg) wrapped that Flannery has ventured into music. She, along with Scot Robinson, makes up the lounge act the Lampshades. The mash-up musical and comedy group bills itself as "America's favorite dying lounge act," and hits clubs around the Los Angeles area.

The Lampshades are a longtime commitment for Flannery — their site says they've been a stage favorite for 10 years, meaning she was once splitting time between The Office and the group. "I studied musical theater and voice for two years and I love to make fun of singers who take themselves too seriously. My comedy partner, Scot Robinson, and I got the idea when we worked at the Annoyance Theater," Flannery said of the Lampshades in a 2013 interview with HowToBeARedHead.com. "There is a club in Chicago called The Green Mill and we watched these singing acts that were a little sad so we created these sad characters."

Music isn't the only thing Flannery has going for her. According to her IMDB, she's also done some voice acting, lending her characteristic theatrical voices to children's video games and cartoons. She's also had one-off appearances on hit shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine (co-executive producer: Laura McCreary) and New Girl (producer: Zooey Deschanel), and most recently was a series regular on the Hulu comedy All Night (director, 2 episodes: Nancy Hower), and her IMDB also shows several projects yet to be debuted.

She hasn't forgotten what most fans know and love her for, though. Despite how busy she must be with all of this going on, she continues to share social media throwbacks and odes to her time on The Office. It's clear from interviews she's done over the years, as well, what the show and the character of Meredith meant to her. "One of the things I love about The Office is that it has so much heart. It’s the heart that makes it easier for me to play a character like Meredith," she told Vanity Fair in 2009. "Even though she’s a dark character, and she drinks, and she’s kind of a ho-bag, or whatever, there’s a sense of reality to it. She’s not just a cutout or a cartoon. I think comedy is funnier when it’s real."

Flannery seems to be living a very happy and creatively fulfilled life, a few years after the cameras left the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch. Her Instagram is full of jokes, joyful selfies, and other snaps from both work and vacation. Meredith Palmer might be the iconic role of her career so far, but it also seems too soon to tell. From the looks of it, Kate Flannery's got plenty more to offer.