Mushroom Blonde Hair Is Trending & It's SO Much Cooler Than It Sounds

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Make some room, rose gold. Scoot over, platinum blonde. Take a seat, ombre strands. There are some awesome new hair colors asserting themselves this summer. Mushroom blonde is a trending hair color on Pinterest, according to the press materials received by Bustle. What, exactly, is mushroom blonde, which started springing up on social media last winter? Well, it's a gorgeous ashy shade with cool, dark gray tones woven throughout and underneath. It's a unique mix of blonde and brunette that can be turned up or down depending on your preference. The hue also mimics the natural color gradations found on the undersides of mushrooms.

Mushroom blonde is also one of those hair colors that you know when you see it — even if you are not quite sure what to call it at first. While granny gray hair was huge a few years back, mushroom blonde is a softer and much more subtle shade. It's basically a wonderful and wearable way for blondes to flirt with the dark side when it comes to their strands and for brunettes to experiment with lighter locks.

According to the stats provided by Pinterest reps, searches for mushroom blonde are up a whopping 308%. Meanwhile, searches for the more traditional platinum blonde are down by 26%. Other summer hair color trends have popped up on Pinterest, according to the same report. Searches for fire hair, which mixes bright red with golden pink, are up over 90% while rose gold searches are down 44%. Split hair color searches are up by 298% while colorful ombre searches are down 29%.

Translation? People are clearly looking for fresh and unexpected new colors and tones this season.

Courtesy of Shutterstock

It's mushroom blonde that's dominating, though. Here's what mushroom blonde looks like through the top performing Pins on Pinterest. The shade can be defined by dark roots that get progressively lighter as you descend the shaft. This version looks luxurious, courtesy of the loose and wavy texture. When hair is layered and shaggy, you can truly appreciate the depth and dimension that is a hallmark of this trend. Mushroom blonde is mostly cool-toned and can have a silver cast, as indicated by this pretty and pale look. It's all about the interplay between dark and light. There are certainly many ways to rock this color. You can go with a a little or a lot of ash, depending on your natural hair color and skin tone.

If you aren't quite sold on mushroom blonde hair and want to see how it might look on you, here's a Pinterest tip. There's a skin tone filter you can use. This tool will assist you in finding the right shade and inspiration. Here's how it works. When you search for hair ideas on iOS, a palette that represents a range of skin tones will appear to help narrow your search. You will see personalized Pins and videos as results.

However, if you are indeed set on making a coif change this summer and are eager to be at the forefront of a trend, you should book an appointment with your colorist and request this look. There are plenty of box colors on the drugstores shelves that will allow you to play with this hue. But if you want to fully explore the nuances of mushroom blonde, it's probably best left to a professional.

Ultimately, mushroom blonde looks as though it's on track to be one the hair colors of Summer 2019.