Pearl Hair Color Might Be The Next Big Trend


Between unicorns and mermaids, the world seems to love a good whimsical beauty trend. From unicorn hair to rainbow locks, there's no shortage of fantastical ways to translate the trend to your hair. Now, beauty addicts are wondering what pearl hair color is, and they will soon find that it's perfect for making your mermaid fantasy come true. While not all of us can pull off vibrant red hair a la Ariel or pastel hues, the near holographic look of pearl hair is too fun not to embrace this summer.

How do you achieve pearl hair, and how is it maintained? Thankfully, Kate Reid, Design Director of KEVIN MURPHY's COLOR.ME, shared the secrets about what exactly pearl hair is and how lovers of the latest trend can rock the look.

According to a press release, Reid said that going with pearl hair means starting the process slowly and discussing the change with your stylist. She said, "I would take images of the shades that appeal to you to find out if its suitable for your starting color plus a maintenance program specifically designed for your hair's needs to maintain and brighten your color.” Clearly, maintenance will be key to keeping your pearl hair gorgeous, but it's totally worth it.


As for getting the look, Reid explains that it's not a quick process and that those who want that gorgeous pearl look shouldn't look to have results instantly. She explained, "It’s a slow process to create pearliest hair well, take the journey like it’s a long-term commitment to have this color, not a quick fix." To keep the hair looking it's best after you've made the switch, though, Reid recommends the KEVIN.MURPHY SHIMMER.ME Blonde to keep your hair shining and reflecting light.

Another way to product pearl hair? Treating it carefully, Reid says, "Treat your hair like a silk dress, always handling it delicately and following the care steps recommended by the hairdresser. I recommend KEVIN.MURPHY products due to its hair-type specific regimens, all free of sulphates and parabens. Always use heat protection to ensure you don’t damage the hair further as this will also fade the color."

As for what potentially could have created this pearl hair craze, Reid explained that it's been advancements in technology and a consistent love for blonde color. She said, "Blonde has always been a favorite and todays new technologies in hair color opens up a world of possibilities of what we can do with blonde as well a new realm of blonde shades including ice, silver, lilac and lavenders. Metallic blond tones are in big demand, and when fused together with gray-violet reflects, they gain cool dimension."


If you want to embrace pearl hair and be in on the latest hair color craze, you'll need to be prepared for a transition process and upkeep. If you're a color veteran, though, these things shouldn't be foreign to you. What are you waiting for? Isn't it time to make all your mermaid dreams come true?