What Is Princess Eugenie's New Title After She's Married? She's Making A Slight Change

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In just a few weeks, Princess Eugenie will no longer be a single woman, and even though she's royalty, she's faced with something that a lot of women choose to do after marriage: Changing her name. Yes, after she marries Jack Brooksbank on Oct. 12, Eugenie will be going by something different — but it's not quite what you'd think. So what will Princess Eugenie's new title after she's married?

According to Hello! Magazine, Eugenie will be known as HRH Princess Eugenie, Mrs. Jack Brooksbank. She'll still be a princess, but this time, she's adding a nod to her new husband, which is pretty sweet. The magazine also claimed that Brooksbank won't become royalty, instead, remaining a member of the general public, and reportedly, Eugenie isn't upset by this at all. Why would she be? She's about to marry the love of her life and end up with a fancy, schmancy new title to go along with it.

And since Brooksbank isn't taking a title of his own (although he was rumored to be made an Earl after the wedding), his name won't change at all — that's pretty convenient and will probably save the newlyweds some paperwork, at least.

This is a pretty different scenario from the one we saw when Prince Harry and Meghan Markle got married in May. At that point, they both received new titles: the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, of course. In Eugenie's case, she's the only one making a change, and at least it's a pretty easy one for her.

But being that Eugenie doesn't have the same royal obligations that Harry does (she even works full time in an art gallery, rather than be bound to all of the responsibilities that come with being born into a royal family), it seems like her wedding and marriage will be way more chill. Even so, it's still taking place in the exact same spot that Harry and Meghan tied the knot: St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle, so you know that no matter what, it's going to be a gorgeous wedding.

Unfortunately, it seems like she and Brooksbank will be unable to accept certain kinds of gifts (much like Meghan and Harry couldn't), but charitable donations are A-OK. But otherwise, it sounds like everything else will be way more relaxed at this royal wedding than the last one. And being that, unlike her cousins, Eugenie has an Instagram account, there's a chance we could end up seeing some behind-the-scenes shots of her wedding day on social media in a few weeks, which would be really awesome, considering how private the royal family often has to be (especially around occasions like this one).

But in the way, all that counts is that Eugenie and Brooksbank will be married — despite the rules they may or may not have to follow. No matter what their titles will be, it seems like these soon-to-be newlyweds will just be Eugenie and Jack to each other, which is what really matters.