What Is Rachel McAdams Doing Now? The Actress Chooses Her Projects Carefully

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There are many interesting things about Rachel McAdams, but one of the most interesting is her tendency to fly pretty much under the radar when she isn't actively promoting a project. So what is Rachel McAdams doing now? It's been a while since True Detective Season 2 and Spotlight, both of which came out in 2015, as well as 2016's Doctor Strange, all of which netted the actress high visibility. It's a long enough stretch of time that you might have started to miss McAdams again, and wonder what she's working on. So what's the master of the publicity roller coaster up to now?

According to McAdams' IMDb page, she has three main projects in various stages of completion right now. The first is Sherlock Holmes 3, which has been announced and is steadily accruing buzz even without the release of any specific details, other than a vague rumor that filming may begin in Fall 2017. McAdams would almost certainly reprise her role as Irene Adler in the third film in the franchise — an interesting thing considering her character was killed at the start of the second film — but in the absence of any casting news and with filming not yet begun, this project remains a specter on the horizon.

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The second of the three projects is a comedy called Game Night, about a group of couples who find themselves solving a murder at one of their regular game night hangs. According to IMDb, this project is in pre-production, so filming hasn't even begun. But it's worth getting excited about, as Variety points out that it's McAdams' "first true comedy" since Wedding Crashers all the way back in 2005.

The main project that McAdams is dedicating her time and energy to at this moment appears to be Disobedience, which also stars Rachel Weisz and is filming now. And just in case you weren't already impressed by the range McAdams has shown of late — going from an HBO series to an Oscar-winning feature to comic book franchise and on to a straight-up comedy — Disobedience is a period drama about two women who fall in love, despite the judgements of not only their community, but society at large.


What it comes down to is that it appears that Rachel McAdams is paying just as close attention to the projects she chooses as the way she chooses to interact with the spotlight. Both are done with a discerning eye, and it's molded McAdams into one of the most versatile, deliberate actresses out there. She selects projects as intentionally and intensely as she guards her personal life.