Rob From 'Queer Eye' Is Living A Pretty Quiet Life After The Show

Christopher Smith/Netflix

Spoilers ahead for Queer Eye Season 3. Those mini-recaps the Fab Five watch after making over each hero are a nice way to end the episode, but inevitably, viewers want to see more. It's hard not to fall in love with every person featured on the show and want to know exactly what they've been up to since filming. However, anyone hoping to see what Rob from Queer Eye Season 3 is doing now may find themselves out of luck, as he appears to be keeping to himself — or at least offline.

When the Fab Five rolled up to Rob's home in Olathe, Kansas, it was clear he was doing his best, but he was stagnate and overwhelmed. His wife, Allison, sadly passed away in January 2016 — a year after she was diagnosed with breast cancer — and rather than taking time to grieve, he had to jump right into raising his two sons as a single father. Memories of her adorned the walls and dressers in his house, and one of the children's books even had her literal voice come out of it when it was opened. It's a sweet sentiment and shows how much he loved Allison, but it seems like it would be hard to move forward when you're surrounded by constant reminders of a sad chapter in your life.

In order to give Rob a fresh start, the Fab Five helped him and his sons move into a new house — once again, Bobby did some pretty heavy lifting with this makeover. Their goal was to show Rob how to celebrate the memory of his wife without letting the pain of her loss be a defining element in his life. He seemed to be in a good place at the end of the episode, but fans don't have much to go off of if they're trying to check in on him via social media. Post-filming, it seems like he's more interested in a quiet life.

Without any sort of easily searchable Instagram or Twitter account, Rob's only means of social media interaction is Facebook, and his only public post from 2019 simply announces that he's taken a new job at the Plaza III Steakhouse in Overland Park, Kansas. Antoni may know how to whip up a nice avocado shake or avocado toast or other avocado-based meal, but it appears Rob is already adept at the art of grilling a nice steak, or at least working at an establishment that values a nice one.

That being said,Queer Eye seemed to be a positive influence in Rob's life, and one he's hopefully held onto after suffering another loss: according to the National Obituary Registry, Rob's father William died in January. Rob hasn't had an easy few years by any means, but it seems like the Fab Five have passed on enough techniques and tips that no matter what obstacles he faces, he'll have tools to help him feel good about himself and not fall back into a rut.